Eric 1

Beyond the Borders of the Tweed Valley - An All American Adventure 

A key part of the Scottish Mountain Bike Conference is to showcase Scotland around the world.  By inviting key members of the press and influential riders in the run up to the conference, providing unforgettable experiences that they can then report on, we are promoting our awesome country, incredible trail network and heritage to a huge audience.  

In the week prior to the 2018 Conference in November, we were lucky enough to be able to show pro-rider Eric Porter around our backyard. Supported by VisitScotland and GoWhere Scotland we were able to facilitate the making of this beautiful film, shot in the South of Scotland by renowned photographer and filmmaker, Andy McCandlish.

How many of us got into mountain biking to escape, to see new places and meet new people. Sometimes it can feel like we’ve lost that childlike enthusiasm to travel and explore, however as the trails and riding take us deeper and further into the wild places, we can recapture that feeling.  Join Eric as he explores the South of Scotland in a two day winter adventure with the team from Go-Where Scotland. 

Scotland has incredible riding and endless trails but it’s the story that makes this place special; from the remote bothys to the ever changing weather and landscapes, haggis, whisky and castles. The Tweed Valley trails are famous worldwide as is the Scottish hospitality, we hope that this short film captures the essence of what it is like to come have a Scottish mountain bike adventure to a worldwide audience.