Go Take Care of Your Trails!

Andy McKenna's passion for mountain biking and exploring the wilds of Scotland started in the 80s, before he turned his hobby into a career in 2008; he’s the proud owner of Go-Where Scotland mountain bike adventure outfit. For him, 'taking care of your trails' is a no brainer.

"Why? Because we all want to enjoy riding amazing places forever. Because the trails don't take care of themselves. Because we are proud of Scotland. That's why.

Apart from being a lot of fun getting together with a group of like minded people, it’s a fantastic chance to learn new skills, put something back into the landscapes that we enjoy riding so much. It’s an awesome way for riders to connect with the trails, to learn about path work, and to help create and maintain sustainable trails that ride like a dream, and can stand the test of the Scottish conditions. It’s a great way to get to know and work with those with a stake in managing the land too.

As a country, we’re blessed with some of the most progressive land access anywhere - the Scottish Outdoor Access Code - which if you skim through it reads like a free reign to ride where we want, when we want. Sounds like bliss! #outsideisfree seems to be a popular hashtag doing the rounds lately; catchy, but not entirely true. It takes some planning, fundraising and digging to make sure Scotland keeps on being the home of sustainable mountain biking."

For sure, Scotland rocks for mountain biking. Andy wouldn’t have staked his life savings on setting up the company if he didn't believe it.

"We’ve got an ace trail centre network; our rich history’s gifted us an elaborate network of wild trails, drove roads and ancient coffin and pictish trails - but they didn’t come about on their own. I reckon we owe it to Scotland and the future of our sport to work together as a community of riders, to show how serious we are about not just enjoying our riding, but giving something back for the pleasure that mountain biking gives us and future generations."

‘Taking care of your trails’ is a step towards realising the promise of Scotland as a global superstar in mountain biking. What’s more, is there anything more satisfying than riding a trail you’ve helped work on? But beware says Andy:

"It’s totally addictive."

Be like Andy and volunteer at a venue for the weekend of April 23rd & 24th