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A key part of the Scottish Mountain Bike Conference, held every two years, is to showcase Scotland around the world. By inviting key members of the press and influential riders in the run up to the conference, providing unforgettable experiences and giving them access to new Scottish products that they can then report on, we are promoting our awesome country, incredible trail network and heritage to a huge audience.

The week saw journalists, from all over the world, have:

  • the opportunity to test the newest innovations from Scottish companies, 
  • an amazing mountain bike adventure in the Cairngorms, 
  • opportunities to meet the tourism industry and contribute to the sport’s development at the Scottish Mountain Bike Conference 

The stories and accompanying photography coming from the media trip were fantastic!

Coming over from the USA we were delighted that  Pro Rider for Diamondback Bikes and POC Sports, Eric Porter was able to join us in the run up to the Conference too.  This gave us an awesome opportunity to show him around our backyard. 

Supported by VisitScotland and GoWhere Scotland we were able to facilitate the making of this beautiful film, shot in the South of Scotland by renowned photographer and filmmaker, Andy McCandlish.  

Eric was blown away by our country and his article will be going to print in April.  In the meantime, this film serves as a fantastic promotional piece for Scotland.

We were thankful to have the company of the esteemed author for Singletrack Magazine, Antony de Heveningham for the whole week - great guy and three fantastic articles came out of it for the online magazine. scotland/

Route 7

Iñaki from MTB Pro Mag is a great advocate of the approach taken by Scottish mountain biking and developed this beautifully illustrated article for his publication following his time in Scotland.

Chris (Bear) Gibbs is a guide for H & I Adventures and led the group of journalists on the two day adventure but he also found time to write this article for Wideopen Mag.  Pretty cool!

Focussing on the access issues and the launch of the new Unauthorised Trail Guidance - its a good read 'Looking at the riders I spend most time with, all of them are environmentally conscious, all are ambassadors for good trail etiquette, nature, conservation and generally good human beings, not the Hell’s Angels of the woods as some want to believe us to be.

Perhaps now is the perfect time for us riders take a step up, pass on good trail building etiquette to those less experienced and represent our community for what it really is, and in so doing we might not just forge one trail ahead, but many more trails.'

Sissi Paersch from Bike DE has completed a travel story in her publication ad has a further article still to come out specific to the conference 

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the media trip a success, in particular, H&I Adventures, Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland (MTBCoS), all the Scottish companies, Ross Bell photography, Glen Thomson Films, Inshraich Distillery and all the partners of the conference.

Looking forward to 2020!