1. 1 Go-Ride Gears A great way to build skills or help you get started in mountain biking racing…

    Go-Ride Gears

    “My coaches took me through all 6 levels at Peebles Cycling Club and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be on a podium!” Katy Winton Scottish Mountain Bike Team

    The Go-Ride programme is designed to help create a network of community cycling clubs that are trained, resourced and skilled to met the challenge of integrating young people into their club structure. Go-Ride also takes place at primary and secondary schools in the UK.

    Go-Ride appeals to young people by introducing them to cycling through various games and fun activities. All the activities have easily adaptable difficulties and can be made into a competition.

    The programme is split into six different skill levels.

    Gears 1&2
    Designed to improve young people’s cycling skills in a fun, exciting and challenging way. Focusing on six key cycling skills which are accessible to newcomers and yet challenging for the most able.

    Gears 3&4
    Introducing different cycling concepts, such as sprinting and endurance, through a variety of fun games and activities. All activities can be altered to make it easier or harder for participants and some can be made into informal races.

    Gears 5&6
    Building on the basic and intermediate techniques taught at levels1-4. Gears 5 & 6 equip riders with advanced skills to progress beyond their first competition or tackle advanced trail features.

    Brilliant ! – How do I deliver this?
    It could not be easier – book yourself onto a Level 2 course with Scottish Cycling today!