MTB Service Provider of the Year

We know that Scottish mountain bike businesses are amongst the best qualified and most professional tour operators, guides, skills instructors and coaches in the world. This award celebrates all of the above.

Winner 2018 - Ridelines Mountain Bike Tuition


Full Shortlist 2018

Adrenalin Uplift

Gordo and Gary give some background to the project –
“Adrenalin Uplift started as we had seen there was a need for solid infrastructure in Scottish Mountain Biking to build on driving more national and international tourism. Being an owner of an outbound tour operator and keen riders to the Tweed Valley and other Scottish ride locations we saw that Scotland had an international possibility. Our aim was to acquire the uplift tender to deliver a service that riders would be drawn to. Knowing that a good service helps to build on an existing reputation and infrastructure that Scotland already had, we believed that by implementing a solid service we could then help to work on what everyone comes for……the tracks. 

Craig Hardie Guided Mountain Biking Service 

Craig started MTB riding in April 2013 as a way to clear his head and just enjoying being out there, later that year having caught the MTB bug he attended the then industry leading MBLA Trail cycle leader course in Aviemore. From there things started taking off. To begin with he took a few friends out regularly, over the next few years this evolved into running a Guided MTB service predominantly in the Scottish borders.

Off the Grid MTB

Having ridden a mountain bike for 30 years and coached kids of all ages at a local bike club for 7 years, Neil made the decision in May 2016 to set up a mountain bike coaching and guiding business to allow him to share his passion for this incredible sport and the endless possibilities for adventure!
As a coach he was given the opportunity to coach kids of all ages and abilities, and during this time it became apparent to him that there were many people, not just children, that the local clubs could not support and provide the opportunity to get into cycling.
He also realised that attitudes within mountain biking – the promotion of sustainable and responsible use of the trails and the appropriate riding etiquette - were hugely important and he wanted to be part of getting this message across.

Real World Riding

Steve MacKenzie began Real World Riding as an ‘escape’ from the uncertainty of work in the charitable sector combined with an opportunity for personal and professional development within an area that he had a lot of experience in delivering, but more importantly one which Steve loved – the combination of helping people, developing people, getting out and about in the highlands, and having fun on bikes.

RIDELINES Mountain Bike Tuition Ltd 

Ridelines is a mountain bike tuition and experience company based in the Tweed Valley, Scotland.
The company was started by Andy Weir in 2011 with the goal of bringing his passion for mountain biking to people who lacked the confidence or ability to take their riding forward. It was a dream of his to take the riding he enjoyed, his passion for working with people and promoting active lifestyles through cycling, and make a living from it, something many people can relate too.
8 years later Ridelines is one of the most respected businesses in this sector, catering to a wide customer base, from family orientation days, to coaching hardened riders on the valleys most challenging trails.

Swift Trails

Lucy Husband started Swift Trails in 2015. She was very new to mountain biking but had become involved in the local high school MTB club as a volunteer leader and was really loving it. At the time MTB was pretty male dominated and felt quite intimidating to many female riders. She felt there was a need for women specific guiding and coaching where women could develop confidence and skills in a supportive and relaxed environment and so she set up Swift Trails – the first women specific MTB coaching and guiding provider in the Tweed Valley.


H&I Adventures – Scottish MTB Provider of the Year 2016

Off the Grid MTB - Scottish MTB Provider of the Year 2017