Scottish Mountain Bike Club of the Year

There are so many fantastic MTB clubs in Scotland. Run by dedicated, passionate and totally committed individuals. We think that it is appropriate that this is celebrated and applauded. We asked you to nominate your Club if you thought that it was the very best in Scotland.  


Winner 2017

 Midlothian Cycling Club 

Here's what they said about their club:

Our club is fantastic. Our members have improved skills, developed their own confidence and accomplished more challenges. Some have been cycling for ages, but many only a short time, however we share a passion for spinning our legs, united with friendship and a sense of adventure and remembering the reasons the club was once set up, #Family.

Our club provides a forum for advice, members willing to lend out that missing tool a extra pair of hands to seat a troublesome tyre and a friendly voice to console you when you have crashed. With friends willing to join you on your next escape into the great outdoors or plan your next biking holiday with (oh yes we have seen some places together!) and offer you plenty of advice helping you spend your money on a shiny new steed and that’s why we are such a small yet resounding success.

Midlothian Cycling Club (MCC)  Midlothian Cc 1

Midlothian Cycling club was formed in 2013, initially by a group of parents who wanted to share their love of cycling with their children in a safe and friendly group environment. It has developed and grown steadily since this time. Our club revolves around a strong family ethos where we try to accommodate all abilities of rider. We have 63 paid members. We incorporate coaching and support into each club ride both for kids and adults, and have specific coaching only sessions for our younger members.

We think that our club works so well because we cater for many different types of abilities, we have weekly kids ride and have incorporated coaching and skills into these sessions, we vary the location of our rides at local XC trails, BMX tracks and also at SKELF to keep our child members motivated and engaged. We have also encouraged our younger members to enter kids races such as dirt CRITS (to podium success)- our kids range from balance bike to full suspension rippers.  We have successfully acquired a Midlothian Council grant from their community small grant fund- this allowed us to pay for two of our members to obtain British Cycling Federation Go Ride Level 2 coaching qualifications, first aid qualifications and also the necessary PVG Scotland Disclosures, ensuring our coaches met the relevant safeguarding regulations.
We have a Tuesday night ride where all level or riders are accommodated, making sure everyone is encouraged and no one feels left behind- this is open and advertised to all our members with a local location to allow every member the chance to join us.

Female members- we have active female group within our club who both ride and race and encourage other woman to join our club rides.
Our club has a passionate and dedicated racing element- the club has members who race a number of different types of events- the club has purchased a giant Midlothian Cycling Club branded Easy-UP tent which is free to be used by any member wishing to borrow it for their chosen event, it provides shelter whatever the weather, the club also provides their bike power washer that can be taken to any event or club ride. This raises our profile at events and allows members to get the best support from each other at each event.  

Our club recognizes that to continue to grow and maintain numbers we must promote cycling not only while out on the bike but also through our social events. We run twice yearly family BBQ’s where we encourage everyone, not only active members but also the rest of their family to join us. This is funded by the club but as this hav grown in successes we are now finding everyone is bringing something along and even baking for the event which is shared amongst us all. We have used this format to our benefit and now have a family cycle beforehand, working up our appetite for the BBQ.  We also have two club evening socials for the adults in the club with our biggest social event being our Christmas curry night. We incorporate into this event our own MCC awards ceremony, which included our least wanted award of “Stack of the Year”. This social side of the club encourages members to remain active throughout the year and above all want to cycle with each other as they have become friends.

We have attended numerous Active Schools sessions invited by Midlothian Council to encourage and promote cycling participation and teach school kids the necessary skills such as bike maintenance and basic trailside repairs and will continue to play this key part during the following years at the Midlothian Bike Festival. We have a stock of club bikes donated by Singletrack bikes which we will provide to prospective members who may or may not have the necessary funds to buy their own bike, using these we will encourage them to take part in our club rides.  Active members have dropped during the dark evenings, so we have recognized this so took the approach to contact USE, Exposure light and ACE lights for donations of old stock and have pledge small funds into their KickStart projects with the hope for favorable donations in the future. These lights would be provided to and allow our members to remain active and enjoy the beauty of night rides over the winter months.

We recognize that in this fast-moving digital age Social Media is key. To be recognized and to self-promote our presence within Scottish Cycling we have recently began a campaign to raise awareness and raise our club profile through Instagram and Facebook, members have offered to review products and produce ride blogs which will be shared through this medium, not only to our club members but to the wider community.  There can be at times too much “innovation” in the cycling world, new trends, new wheel sizes, new fads. Our original ethos cannot be forgotten. Without members there would not be our Midlothian Cycling Club, so the future must be, to stay current, to retain members, to grow in membership numbers and above all stay safe and promote the sport, health and wellbeing within the local community.
Our club is fantastic. Our members have improved skills, developed their own confidence and accomplished more challenges. Some have been cycling for ages, but many only a short time, however we share a passion for spinning our legs, united with friendship and a sense of adventure and remembering the reasons the club was once set up.

Our club provides a forum for advice, members willing to lend out that missing tool a extra pair of hands to seat a troublesome tyre and a friendly voice to console you when you have crashed. With friends willing to join you on your next escape into the great outdoors or plan your next biking holiday with (oh yes we have seen some places together!) and offer you plenty of advice helping you spend your money on a shiny new steed and that’s why we are such a small yet resounding success

KICC  Kicc 1

The club started as a “once every so often” gathering at St Ronan’s Primary School, Innerleithen over 8 years ago and has grown ever since. We are now a Go Ride Accredited club with over 100 members. Our club works within a mountain bike environment and therefore we are very limited with the numbers of riders we can take out per leader. To make admin easier for leaders we have implemented lots of different innovations. We purchased a membership card printer and create a personalized card for each junior member (we have around 100) on the card is the medical and contact information that a leader would need in the event of an accident. These cards are handed to a leader after the rider has been signed in by parent. Sign on is usually run by one of our welfare team. To make the process after sign on easier for leaders we have created an app that allows our leaders to conduct a risk specific daily risk assessment in a few seconds, this compliments a generic risk assessment and a leaders own dynamic risk assessment. The format for our app is taken directly off the same format as the National Mountain Centre at Glenmore Lodge. We have shared this system with local clubs and cycling providers and it is becoming part of some peoples standard practice now. 

Our club focusses on offering young people community based access to physical activity which is a route into sport and life long healthy habits. For those members that like to race or who are thinking about racing we run bi-monthly Race Schools, which we do as bolt on sessions after our 2 hour MTB rides. We’re lucky enough to have local racing legends for the kids to aspire towards and Grant Ferguson has kindly agreed to be our Race School Ambassador. We run a few local events each year. One event is a non competitive CX ride at Halloween and we run the family events in association with other local clubs at Tweedlove.  We’ve also built a rather attractive website which we put all our governing documents on , we want to be as transparent as possible and in our early days we benefitted greatly from Googling other clubs governance for inspiration. We wanted to make sure clubs, our members and our prospective members can find this information easily.
Our results are ever changing; first and foremost we have around 100 young riders taking part in regular exercise. Some have gone on to race and we have podium appearances in road, track, CX and MTB DH and MTB XC. The membership of the club is quite young so some of the riders will be ones to watch for sure.

We have 6 groups of children of varying ability. We have a skills matrix that we use to assess competence and this ensures we are taking rider out on features that suit their level of riding, periodically our trained coaches work with the groups to identify those that perhaps need moving onto the next level and this approach works well. It allows riders to embed the basic skills before progressing to the limits of their equipment or ability. We are 100% volunteer run, we face the same challenges as other clubs but we believe that if we can share our ideas and learning then perhaps other clubs won’t take as long to learn, or learn from their mistakes like we had to . If there are more strong clubs to challenge our riders at competition it will develop our riders therefore this is perhaps a unique attitude that should be shared.

Meedies Bike Club  Meedies

Meedies Bike Club was formed over 7 years ago and is based within Lochore Meadows Countruy Park in Fife. The club was formed to encourage local kids, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, to get on their bikes, and fall in love with cycling. We meet every week at the Outdoor Education Centre in the country park and lead several groups of kids of all ages and abilities on led MTB rides round the park. The park have recently installed a network of new MTB trails which the club utilize regularly. 

Early in the year we actively pushed to promote ourselves round our local community through advertising to schools, taking part in local cycling initiatives and having a club representation at local galas and fetes. As well as the day to day activities of the club we actively encourage the kids, of all ages, to participate in racing. The discipline and developmental benefits of racing are huge but more importantly they are fun and the kids build up a great bond with a network of friends through the different race series, be that local, regional or national level. We try and have club representation and as many of the races as we can to help encourage and support all our members in all categories.
Our drive for members proved to be extremely successful and we nor regularly have between 65 and 75 kids and adults attending our Thursday night club sessions. We have the club split into groups dependent on ability and regularly head out with 2 Green Groups, often 3 Blue Groups, 1 Red Group, 1 Large Black Group and even an Adults Group. The buss round the club is excellent and we see a very high percentage of regular kids coming every week.

With regards to the racing, we have seen a lot of kids taking the opportunity to give racing a go. We have had strong representation in the Scottish Cross Country series, Borders Mini Downhill Series, Scottish Downhill Series and even British Downhill Series. We have a kids currently in the Big Tree Campervans Series and an ever increasing group racing in Scottish Cyclocross races. We even have a few kids who have branched out into BMX and have been racing the Scottish Regional Summer Series. Not to be outdone we have an increasing number if our older kids and Adults competing in Enduros and Funduros together up and down the country.

It has been very encouraging to see such a large number of kids starting with us this rear and really exciting to see them grow and develop on their bikes and moving up through the group network we have set up. We, as a club, are so proud of each and every one of the kids and adults who have given racing a try this year and are very lucky to see some very impressive results right from the grass roots level all the way up to the National events.
Moving on from this year we look to solidify the success we have had, retain as many of the current members as we can as well as continue to offer the encouragement and support of anyone wanting to get into the sport we all love. We continue to train leaders and volunteers in MTB coaching and 1st Aid so that we can maintain as high a level of coaching and safety as we possibly can.
Moving into the winter months the club closes our Thursday night activities due to lack of daylight but we had a number of Club Away Days last year which we plan to repeat this year. We plan trips away on weekend days to take a group out to trail centers they may otherwise not get the opportunity to experience. These proves very popular last year with a group of up to 25-30 kids (plus leaders) having a great time exploring Glentress, Beecraigs and also Callendar Estate. We have another 5 of these planned before Christmas and they will continue into the New Year until the club starts again in the spring.

The club is organized and run by a dedicated team or volunteers. We have a committee of 5 people supported by a network of coaches and volunteers made up predominantly by parents. We love what we do and like nothing more than seeing a group of kids, on their bikes, with smiles on their faces.

Minimaidens Attack Squad  Minimaidens 3 Group

The club was started off the back of the success of Air Maiden and was aimed at girls aged 8-16. The aim was to bring girls together to ride bikes, progress their skills and provide race support, advice and training. The purposes of the Club are to promote the amateur sport of cycling in the Tweed Valley, Scotland and the UK. The Club’s stated goal is to ensure that riders between the ages of 8 and 18 get the most out of cycling and achieve their full potential.  The club is different in that it is girls only. Our approach is different in that we want girls to reach their potential within cycling by progressing their skills and increasing confidence by using very experienced coaches and riders who treat members as first and foremost as riders. We mentor them at races, we push them by showing them what they as girls who ride are capable of. We have a fleet of high end kids bikes for CX and MTB which are there for girls who don’t have access to equipment.  

We also have started a buddy system whereby we pair up a member with an older, more experienced rider in their area who can do the occasional ride with them and support them with advice regarding training, racing etc. The other difference is that this club is nationally based and to date we have had social rides/skills days in Dumfries and Galloway and the North East of Scotland as well as more regular events in the Tweed Valley.  At the first Mini DH of the year, we provided race coaching during practice. Of the 18 girls that entered the race, 10 were Minimaidens.  Mini Maidens were invited to participate in Air Maiden freeride event at Glentress where they received coaching on jumping and participated in the pumptrack competition. We also provided coaching at SXC race venues in the weeks leading up to the race to help our members prepare. We currently have 42 paid members. We also made a promotional video earlier in the year which one an award at Peebles Outdoor Film Festival for best amateur short film.

It would be great to have high quality experienced coaches across the country so we can operate in more areas. We also have plans to work more closely with community groups and schools to encourage more girls from a wider demographic to participate in cycling whether they have access to a bike or not.  As far as we are aware it is the first of its kind in Scotland. We believe that as with women’s events, when you bring girls together in a supportive and relaxed environment, their confidence increases and their riding progresses. Being around their peers and amongst mentors and coaches who help them to see their potential and who don’t wrap them in cotton wool means they can achieve so much more and helps them reach their potential both within cycling and hopefully transfers to their lives generally. We teach what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Wolfpax Riders  Wolfpax 2

Wolfpax Riders were founded 11 years ago, to support children in their development as mountain bikers, based at Laggan Wolftrax. Whilst the children have always been competitive, the club has also sought to create fun sessions to support the development of responsible happy active children.

The club's past chair John Farquhar has led and inspired many young mountain bikers and he has personally coached and cajoled them to successfully tackle some of the most demanding technical mountain biking environments. John has been an inspirational leader to the children and has got the very best out of them. Willie Watt has taken over as chair and wishes to continue John’s ethos. Willie is a British Cycling Level 2 MTB DSU coach.  The club has been heavily involved in the local area via Active Schools initiatives and Willie has instigated links between Wolfpax and Discovery Junior Cycling Club in Dundee, with some children now attending both clubs offering progression to them whilst the mountain biking coaching approach of Wolfpax has influenced MTB coaching at Discovery. The club has also developed close ties with Laggan Forest Trust and are actively engaging with them regards the further development of Wolftrax and are actively seeking to promote the club’s role in the community in conjunction with the Trust. Club sessions are arranged fortnightly and are organised into 4 or 5 activity groups ranging from early years primary pupils to those in their teens. Laggan Wolftrax is then the canvas in which their skills are developed. Video is used in many sessions and is then hosted on its Facebook page. This allows the children to review their success but also to benchmark the skills of others. A particular badge of honour is a child's first decent of Ayers Rock, which is hopefully always caught in video for posterity.

The club offers early core cycling skills for those who are new to cycling all the way up to highly technical coaching over Laggan's reds, black and natural trails with a gravity focus. The club can now boast many primary age members who can successfully complete these demanding trails and indeed SES stages. Whilst the club has always attracted a number of very able younger children, the club over recent years has developed a progressive pathway for all abilities which is underlined by the number of early years primary aged children who are now attending the club on a regular basis.

The club has always utilised the energy of voluntary coaches and leaders but given the demanding environment in which it works it also employs a range of professional coaches and in particular Jules Fincham of Cycle Wild Scotland. Jules has been the club’s head coach for a number of years. Given the number of children attending sessions Jules is assisted by a pool of professional coaches including: Chris Gibbs, Steve Bradley, Ronan Taylor and Wolfpax alumni Donald Rodger who is studying at Stirling University and has become a Cycle Wild Scotland Leader under Jules’ tutelage, thus providing further progression to a former member.  Their professionalism raises the ambition of the club and its members and drives its success forwards. The club is open to many local riders but it also attracts young technically minded mountain bikers from as far afield as Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Perthshire, Kintyre and Lochaber who are attracted by what we believe is the club's unique coaching ethos.

The club believes that with the right coaching and leadership any child can succeed and can tackle the most demanding environments, whilst at the same time instilling self motivation, self sufficiency, leadership, wayfinding, bike maintenance, other skills and indeed mindfullness. We disseminate the tenets of DMBiNS Do the Ride Thing to the children, leading by example and utilise GO MTB as a progressive coaching pathway.  The club organises an annual residential coaching event at Glentress and Innerleithen coached by Jules, Donald and Ben Cathro supported by voluntary coaches and volunteers. This year's residential will take place at the end of October.
The club has developed close links wth Laggan Forest Trust, the Forestry Commission and has been sponsored by Russwood, Walkers Shortbread, the Adverikie Estate, Cyclewild Scotland and Basecamp Bikes. This sponsorship has allowed the club to develop a distinctive shirt which all of the members and coaches wear with pride. The last print of the shirt was a sell out and although heavily subsidised supported club activities, the forthcoming edition of the shirt is likely to do just as well.  Parents are heavily involved in the club including Scott Muir who's climbing wall business very kindly produced a growing array of skills equipment including a see saw, ramps and skinnies which are now used regularly at each session particularly during lunchtime (when the adults are resting).

Individual sessions have recently been supported by Wolfpax old girl Eleanor Melton (qualified leader currently studying at University) and voluntary leaders, assistants and coaches such as Jessie Macintosh (assistant pursuing level 2 leadership), Emma Parton (qualified leader) and Willie Watt (qualified MTB coach). A number of other parents are now actively pursuing qualifications to allow the club to grow further.
Wolfpax is a grass roots club and it enjoys a very friendly hands on approach to its sessions, management and ongoing development. None more so than the ongoing relationship with the club offered by Fiona Rodgers (Donald’s mum) who assists greatly with the organisation and catering for the annual residential. The club has a very healthy and rapidly membership with 30 plus riders attending each session. The annual residential is heavily over subscribed, with around 50 parents and children attending this year’s event.

Sessions are held fortnightly but riders often hook up informally between sessions. Each session lasts a full day to maximise time at Wolftrax, to make efficient use of the time of the professional coaches and to maximise learning opportunities and progression during a session. Membership is increasing, the number of children attending sessions is increasing, the number of ability groups is increasing, the number of girls attending has increased, the average age of riders has decreased (due to the formation of a Wolfcubs group), the number of qualified volunteers and their qualifications is increasing, the number of active committee members is increasing and sponsorship is increasing.
At a sporting level Wolfpax Riders (or alumni) are currently racing in the NOSCA MTB races (including defending champions), Bigtree Campervan Tayside and Fife MTB series (including defending champions), Scottish Cycling Mini Downhill Series, SXC, SDA, BDS, SES, World Cup etc. Many are competing successfully at the highest level and others are simply competing to enjoy the experience. The club organised its first Mini DH over the Laggan Lower Red and is regularly organising an annual Dirt Crit as part of the NOSCA series, these events have all been a great success.

The club has innovated extensively opening opportunities to younger children and to create a ladder of progression for them. This has added fresh vibrancy to the club and we can see that first hand by the number of early years primary aged children who are now attending and are progressing rapidly . The number of girls regularly participating in club sessions is increasing assisted by this, but also by the presence and role models of Emma and Eleanor. We are actively seeking to maintain and nurture this growth.

We are supporting adult members towards level 2 and level 3 leadership awards and the level 2 DSU and support children who wish to race. Clearly many do and the club's coaching and leadership is designed to support such competitive progression. Again we wish to actively nurture these developments. The club has successfully coached a number of children with additional support needs and has also offered ongoing support and encouragement to a number of others who have faced the challenges of life. We wish to continue these endeavours and offer access for all. With that in mind the club wishes to remain true to its roots and create a safe and rewarding environment for everyone from which to enjoy mountain biking and the beauty of Scotland. Children in the 21st Century must cope with myriad pressures so the ability to tackle Scotland’s wild places must always be a joy and a release.

All of these aspects consider the children, but we also feel that it is very important to think of the place, to that end we are building ever stronger links to Laggan Forest Trust and have assisted alongside Scottish Cycling in their development of proposals to further develop Wolftrax with the addition of a pump track adjacent to the cafe, which will add to the appeal of the trail centre and cafe but will also greatly assist our coaching. Having done this we intend to partner their application for capital funds and allied to that support the coaching of local children organised via the Trust. Clearly these proposals are still in development, but we are very encouraged by our engagement with the Trust and we hope that we can offer them as much as they can offer us.  Wolfpax is a core user of Laggan Wolftrax, the club generates significant use of the trails but also the cafe, bike shop and indeed surrounding accommodation and other facilities. As a core user we wish to act responsibly in partnership with the community but also grow the club, because ultimately that is a key economic driver for the immediate area.

Arran High School MTB Club  Ahs6

Set up in October 2014, we aim to share everything that is awesome about mountain biking with the young people of Arran.
We aim to provide regular and frequent opportunities to participate in MTB. We aim to reduce any recognized barrier to participation and if successful see more young people participating more often in MTB.

The clubs brand image and interior design of our new workshop was successfully delivered by one of our talented Advanced Higher Graphic Communication pupils. Paris Gore kindly donated the use of his photo of Steve Smith riding a trail bike in return for a donation to the Stevie Smith Foundation. We printed this big enough to cover one of the walls in our new bike workshop to serve as the perfect motivational image to 'ride our bikes'.  We were incredibly grateful to share some local trails with Katy Winton, the ultimate role model for all our young people, who then delivered a speech to the whole school on success from failure through her Champions in Scotland ambassador role. Ross Bell, a former pupil and another positive role model for all things MTB, joined us that day as our photographer. During our annual trip to Glentress we were expertly coached by Andy and Jess of Ridelines.   

The Clan. Scotland's Cycle Stunt Team visited us to put on their incredible show and then they spent time after, coaching and competing against our riders with wheelies and track-stand challenges. Lynne Armstrong was requested as a positive role model for our girls group and she soon had them launching off of anything they could find. Our proposed skills coaching trail on Scotland's National Forest Estate has taken a positive step forward with Forest Enterprise Scotland visiting us recently to present the option for a Community Asset Transfer. We have registered as a SCIO and completed Volunteer Trail Repair Coordinator training to help with this venture. We continue to offer the popular girls only Thursday and recently extended this into a camping trip with outdoor cooking and a visit to VeloCafeLagg. We have introduced GoMTB and Park Tool School into the curriculum, soon to be City & Guilds Cycle 

Mechanic Courses -We run our sessions year round term time regardless of the weather and offer night riding with very powerful LED lights during the darker winter months. Some of the most memorable experiences for the young people have been the wettest and muddiest.
Four of our senior girl members attended Cycling Scotland's October School Camp at Lagganlia to develop the skills needed to deliver our Primary School visits. We visit all our 7 feeder primaries to deliver fun MTB sessions and free bike MOT’s with minor repairs each year in spring. We ran a cycle maintenance open day opening the doors to our new workshop offering the general public free bike MOT's with minor repairs and selling some of our recycled bikes. One of our volunteer leaders has recently passed their Cytech Technical 2 assessment with which we can now begin our bike library allowing pupils and their families to borrow our MTB’s for free at weekends and during holidays.
Funding from Woman's Fund for Scotland to buy camping equipment. We offer bike workshop sessions during Tuesday Lunchtimes and after school on Wednesdays. We have invested in a twenty-bike trailer so we can spend more time on the trails during our trips and to open up the rest of the Island for after school visits.   

We have installed a Grease Monkeys bike workstation outside next to the school bike shelter with a pump and tools free for the community to use. We have significantly increased our capacity to ensure our MTB activity is sustainable and adds social value with funding from the Big Lotteries Young Start Fund to extensively equip our new workshop space to run s recycle-a-bike program. Two of our longest serving senior members have been trained as Cycling Scotland Cycle Ride Leaders to assist manage the ever-increasing numbers of participants we get.
We now run two trips to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome for juniors and seniors. During the schools Health and Wellbeing week we went on a North Island Epic ride with camping on Sannox Beach and also a day trip to Fire Tower Trail, Lochgilphead. We include trail maintenance in our after school activities as a key part of educating the young people in responsible access. We cannot run what we do without volunteers and they need training. In addition to the Cytech training we also have a volunteer leader training as a UKMBLA and another training for their D1 minibus test to help with trips.   

Coaching is drip fed at appropriate times with an emphasis on fun. We now have two level 2 leaders and one level 3 Leader with a night riding module working towards a winter leader module. We also have another being trained at present We now have a Cytech technical 2 qualified mechanic We now have an awesome bike workshop as our base We have a shipping container for storing our recycle-a-bike bikes, primary kids sized bikes and wooden obstacles Lamlash Primary School has now started an MTB club because of the available progression with our club. Our efforts to encourage girls into MTB, is an area of success worthy of celebrating. The visit from Katy Winton, coaching from Jess Stone and stunts by Lynne Armstrong are examples of us constantly looking to present them, in person, with positive role models. More are now attending our girls only after school MTB and they have enjoyed their first camping trip. Our regular weekly girls only rides appears to go a step further than many other clubs one off girls only events. Our Cycle Maintenance project is just beginning but it is significant in that we have now increased our maintenance capacity to ensure the sustainable future of our MTB provision. Our enviable workshop setup complete with wall sized Stevie Smith print has created an inspirational base to call home. 

This year looks promising for our skills coaching trails designed by Architrail. Forest Enterprise Scotland presented the case for a Community Asset Transfer of the area of forest we need and we are now working on this transfer request. We have secured funding of £1000 with which to buy more trail maintenance tools. In addition to our current sporadic trail repair efforts we look forward to using our new tools to host a Take Care of your Trails Weekend 2018 on Arran working with other trail user groups including Arran Access Trust.   We look forward to using our new bike trailer to enable us to visit more trails all over Arran after school in addition to those in close proximity to the High School. With our new workshop equipped with an enviable stock of almost every bike tool that exists we would like to offer this as an asset to our wider cycling community on the Island. We are looking for ways to do this that would not have potential to negatively impact on our own groups' experience of our asset. The best way forward is unknown at present but will probably be some way of borrowing tools rather than using the space or perhaps more frequent and regular open days run by the young people. We could test the potential for this during our next open day which will be timed and promoted for building Christmas bikes.

Winner 2016 - Arran High School MTB Club
Arran High School MTB Club