Scottish Mountain Bike Club of the Year

There are so many fantastic MTB clubs in Scotland. Run by dedicated, passionate and totally committed individuals. We think that it is appropriate that this is celebrated and applauded. We asked you to nominate your Club if you thought that it was the very best in Scotland.  

So here's the shortlist for 2018:

Arran High School MTB Club

 Arran High School Mountain Bike Club began in 2014, later registering as a SCIO in 2016. Our original aim was to provide regular opportunity for Arran High School pupils to participate in Mountain Biking, but have since evolved into sharing everything that is awesome about mountain biking with the young members of our community - bike mechanics, trail maintenance, regular opportunity for volunteering and micro adventures. We offer every on Island opportunity free of charge to ensure equity for all, with limited expenses required for our mainland trips to cover travel and accommodation.

 Meedies Cycle Club 

 Meedies Bike Club was set up in 2009 at Lochore Meadows Country Park by our very own Andy McGrath in conjunction with the Outdoor Education Centre which is located within the park. Several of the areas immediately surrounding the park are a little bit deprived and one of the main aims of the club was to be able to offer a fully inclusive environment when everyone can have access to mountain biking. Whether kids owned their own bikes or borrowed one from the club they were given the opportunity to get together, get out on the bikes and enjoy the park and its surroundings.

Laggan Wolfpax

 Wolfpax Riders were founded 12 years ago, to support children in their development as
mountain bikers, based at Laggan Wolftrax. Whilst the children have always been
competitive, the club has also sought to create fun sessions to support the
development of responsible happy active children and perhaps most crucially in
today’s screen time focussed world mindfullness and a love of Scotland’s wonderful

Winner 2016 - Arran High School MTB Club

Winner 2017 - Midlothian Cycle Club