Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation of the Year

This award highlights current innovation in ‘Scottish Cycling Products’ by showcasing companies who are innovation in design, idea or method.



AS D-Zine Ltd - Go Charge 


Go~Charge™ is currently at a working prototype stage and has also been tested in a lab at the University of Stirling with guidance from a leading sports scientist and nutritionist. Go~Charge™ has won The Sports Innovation Challenge, Young Edge (Round 10) and is in the final of Wildcard Edge at the moment (Round 11). Andrew Davidson has also been awarded an RSE Enterprise Fellowship, the support and funding from which will help develop Go~Charge and take it to market.

The full Shortlist for 2017:

AS D-Zine Ltd 

is a product design company based in The Sport Hive at the University of Stirling Innovation Park. They are currently developing their multi-award-winning hydration product Go~Charge

Asd Early Prototype

Go~Charge is a patent pending hydration product which can be attached to any hydration pack. At the flick of a switch the user can transform their water into a scientifically formulated sports drink without fear of contaminating their water sourced. This means they can switch back to plain water at any point and as often as they wish, providing 2 options from a single source.

For Peak Performance, Go~Charge™


The MT500 Plus Overshoe is the first overshoe on the market designed specifically for use with flat pedals.

Endura Mt500 Plus Overshoe

Endura EST: 1993. Mountain, Road, Commute, Urban, Triathlon & Women’s. Born in Scotland. Ridden Worldwide. Wherever, however and whatever you choose to ride, they are there for you. Their philosophy is Renegade Progress: rejecting convention and embracing the radical to create game-changing products.
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Guard & Revive. Two unique High Performance Bike Care Products: Guard works as a pre-ride protector; Revive is a post-ride cleaner. Together they make the ultimate Bike Care package.

Flaer Revive Btls 265x184 265x184

At Flaér they know what it feels like to push to your absolute limit. When you give it everything they want to make sure all your effort goes to the wheel and isn’t lost through needless inefficiencies.  They have helped pro riders and teams all over the world to get the best out from their input. After all, when you put so much in, work so hard to perfect everything about your ride and leave nothing to chance, why should you accept anything less.  With backing from a long-established and highly respected automotive engineering business they put our shared knowledge, experience and expertise into all their products ensuring you can benefit from all your effort, all the time.

Guard & Revive are the ultimate in high performance bike care products. Guard a pre-ride protector applies a micro-film layer to your bike protecting from dirt, grit and mud. Revive is a post-ride cleaner that removes stubborn dirt and brings your bike to life.

Flaér – feel it.

Pipedream Cycles Ltd

Pipedream Moxie.
The Moxie is a CrMo 4130, enduro hardtail with progressive 'forward geometry' that rivals the capabilities of a full-suspension trail MTB.

Imb Moxie Lakes

Pipedream Cycles Ltd (est. 2005) is a Scottish bicycle company specialising in steel frames for adventure, gravel-grinding, world travel and hardcore enduro mountain biking.
Pipedream Cycles have been featured in MBUK, What Mountain Bike, Singletrack, Wideopen, IMBikemag and many more magazines, receiving critical acclaim and winning a number of tests. Pipedream won the British MTB Enduro Series Championship (2007) and have sponsored grass-roots racers, helping them in their development.


Eccentric Bottom Bracket (EBB)

Designed to fit in place of a PF30/BB30 bottom bracket to allow 8.5mm of chain length adjustment to tension the chain or belt for singlespeed and hub gear bicycles.  There are various EBB systems available to set the chain/belt tension and we opted to develop for the PF30/BB30 bottom bracket shell standard so our frame designs can support different drivetrain options – derailleur, singlespeed (chain), singlespeed (belt), Rohloff internal gear hub.  The PF30/BB30 design is also our preferred route as the clamping forces of the bearing shell are on the side face of bottom bracket shell, eliminating the creaking sometimes associated with other EBB designs.

Shand 1

Shand is based in Scotland and a manufacturer of adventure touring bikes. The company is nearly 6 years old and has 8 frame designs across 13 models and has manufactured and sold nearly 700 bikes. Frame designs have been refined over the years to improve their functionality and simplify production. Sales/production for 2017 expected to be around 200 bikes/frames.

Awards won:

– Best Off-road Bicycle 2013, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show
– Entrepreneur and Startup Award 2013, West Lothian Council / Business Gateway
– Scottish Edge Finalist 2014, Round 4
– Best Gravel Bike 2016, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show (supported by Grix CX)
– Best Touring Bike 2016, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show (supported by the CTC).
– Public Vote for Best Bikes 2016, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show (supported by Columbus)
– Peer Award 2017, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show

The Rohloff Speedhub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive system has been successful in raising the Shand profile and the company is now recognised as a Rohloff bike specialist within the UK and around the world. Specialising in this high-quality, niche product (along with influences of the Scottish landscape on the product) has provided differentiation in an extremely crowded marketplace.


is a high visibility QR label and app for bikes, to deter thieves and increase the potential of returning bikes to their owners through the power of social media and community.


Veloeye was developed by two Scottish cyclists, whose friend had become the latest victim of bike theft in the UK.
One bike is stolen every second in the UK; equating to over 650,000 bikes each year.
Veloeye comprises a tamper-resistant QR label and app. Owners scan the unique QR code and upload all their details, and a photo of the bike, onto the app. If the bike is safe and with its owner, its status is marked as green. If the bike is stolen, owners can report it immediately through the Veloeye app, changing its status to red.
Alerts will be automatically issued on Veloeye’s social media channels, with a description of the bike.
Cyclists can help their fellow velo lovers by scanning any bikes they see on the street with a Veloeye label. A simple scan will reveal whether it has been reported as stolen by a Veloeye user. If so, the location will be shared immediately with the owner.

Winner - Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation of the Year 2016 

Revo Terra

Flaer Revo Terra chain performance system – Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation 2016

The REVO TERRA is the world’s first Chain Performance System for off road bicycles.
The world’s first chain performance system for Mountain Bikes will ensure your transmission operates at its best from start to finish, no matter what the conditions. By applying a precise quantity of our specially developed Terra Fluid to the chain as you ride you can get 5% more power to the wheel, experience smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission, making chain suck a thing of the past. Built and tested to withstand the toughest trails, the Revo Terra keeps your transmission running cleaner, faster, better!