Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation of the Year

This award highlights current innovation in ‘Scottish Cycling Products’ by showcasing companies who are innovation in design, idea or method.

The full Shortlist for 2018:


Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, Active Root is a sports drink company committed to delivering innovative natural sports drinks to athletes of all levels. They use natural root ginger to help keep athlete's stomachs settled and balanced during exercise. Their goal is to provide a product that helps make a genuine difference to your athletic performance while only using natural ingredients.
Active Root is used by athletes of all standards, from professional marathon runners, cyclists, triathletes and OCR racers to budding amateur sport enthusiasts and week-night joggers. They also work with and support multiple team sports clubs. Their products are available online, and can be found at sporting goods retailers, pharmacists and outdoor stores.


 Deviate Cycles was born from the joint passion of mountain biking in the French Alps, where Ben and Chris met guiding for the same company. Talking with clients and each other over the years had spearheaded their ideas for the perfect Alpine bike. Through 6 years of design and prototyping Ben and Chris formed the business and looked for investors to support the setup of the business. Once secured, they started manufacture of the production samples which arrived in May 2017. After a season of hard riding in the Alps they kicked off production, delivering their first customer bikes in March 2018.

 They want to build a brand based on innovation and ideas that really make the difference to the ride experience. Deviate wouldn’t release a product to boost numbers, but they thrive on producing better products based on practical experience and sound engineering. Their bikes are created from the functional aspects first, before any styling is created.


 Product Shot 5

The Endura brand, established in 1993, has been synonymous with inventive, bulletproof kit that relishes the stresses that any kind of biking subjects it to. From Mountain to Road, Urban Commute to Triathlon they are #AllTribesOneClan, with a philosophy of Renegade Progress which defies convention and embraces the radical to create game-changing products.
From the first protos made on a kitchen table in Edinburgh, Endura has evolved into an admired global brand with a rack of game-changing and award-winning products. Endura supports an impressive roster of world class athletes including Movistar Team, trials sensation Danny MacAskill and downhill siblings the Athertons of Trek Factory Racing.

The MT500 Waterproof Suit is the do-it-all, foul-weather onesie with a smile on its face and serious tech at its heart. This one-piece all-mountain suit reminds you that the worst weather can deliver the best days.
The unique, split front construction has a sealed rear connection with an independent trouser waist and jacket hem at the front, providing support and comfort with full mud protection security where you need it most. This also means that the suits looks like a 2 piece from the front and accommodates a wider range of body shapes, plus it is really easy to put on and off even when wearing shoes.


Envisioned and founded by Scottish Fashion designer Alex Feechan, FINDRA was born in the small textile village of Innerleithen in the stunning Tweed Valley and holds its Scottish heritage close.
Cycling her beloved bike around the trails and passes of the Scottish Borders has long been one of Alex’s passions. Tracking down the right outdoor clothing to wear however when enjoying the outdoors was more difficult.
Having searched extensively for clothing that was high performance, comfortable and looked good, she found that there was very little available for women like her. ‘No-one was making outdoor clothing for women that was functional fitted well and also attractive and comfortable’.

Alex realised she was perfectly placed to fill this gap in the market, utilising more than 20 years experience at the sharp-end of the fashion industry, a 1st class honours degree in Industrial Design and Textiles and an MA in Fashion from the prestigious Royal College of Art, she knew she could do better.

FINDRA was launched to market in December 2014 after a short development stage where Alex tested the market and learnt as much as she could about her future customers. With the support of her family and investors she was able to take the plunge and fully commit herself to FINDRA.

With the business growing and the awards rolling in for the innovative clothing, the team started to grow and it was only a matter of time until the first retail outlet was opened. The Innerleithen ‘Design Hub’ allows customers to see the product first hand, and for the team to meet the customers and hear their feedback. With talks and events organised monthly the FINDRA design hub has established its-self as a vibrant and friendly place to be. Building a community of like-minded supportive individuals with a shared passion to enjoy the great outdoors.
In 2018, FINDRA decided to take a big step and introduce a menswear range to the collection. The ‘Designed by Demand’ collection brings the classic FINDRA style to menswear while remaining true to the brand's design roots, providing comfortable, good-looking and high performance clothing for active people.


Pipedream Cycles Ltd is a Scottish bicycle company specialising in steel frames for adventure, gravel-grinding, world travel and hardcore enduro mountain biking.
Pipedream Cycles have been featured in MBUK, What Mountain Bike, Singletrack, Wideopen, IMBikemag (among others), receiving critical acclaim and winning a number of tests. Pipedream won the British MTB Enduro Series Championship (2007) and have sponsored grass-roots racers, helping them in their development.
They consider their frames the closest thing to bespoke but offering 'off-the-peg' value.

Moxie CrMo and Moxie Titanium hardcore enduro hardtails.
“a point ‘n shoot ‘n hang the f@ck on superstar”
“the Moxie sings like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar.”


 Postfender is a unique one piece self-securing mudguard for adjustable dropper seat posts

 Dropper post protection. Postfender as I am calling it is a mudguard for dropper posts. It is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene. Designed as a single piece, which fits to the underside of the seat with unique fixing method requiring no tools.


 Descent Master 3

Revoroute Ltd. prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction. As a company built from engineering and mountain bike experience, Revoroute Ltd. can provide new innovative products that are both relevant and reliable.
The concept of Descent Master was thought of by Ewan Clark after having difficulty holding onto the handle bars of his mountain bike for sustained periods of time. Descent Master is a revolutionary product to help any mountain biker gain strength in the key areas that the rider uses to descend on a mountain bike including core abdominal, back, arms and rotator cuff muscle groups.
Descent Master is now refined and ready for market. This will be the first of many innovative mountain bike training products from Revoroute Ltd.


Here’s what Scott said about Sender Ramps:
“The Sender Ramps story is built around our family and being Made in Scotland which we are very proud of announcing whenever possible.
Sender Ramps is a trading name of Dream Climbing Walls Ltd. Dream Climbing Walls have dominated the Scottish Climbing Wall market and won almost every project we have tendered for in the since 2006. This has been achieved through a drive for quality and outstanding design.
Our family is outdoor mad. However Mountain Biking and Mountain Bike racing has become a massive focus in our lives. Sender Ramps started because I have a long history, back to 10 yrs old making skateboard ramps and skateboarding. With a half pipe (now gone) in our front garden and ramps made for my kids in our street it was only a short step to turn my design and manufacturing skill to manufacturing Mountain Bike Ramps for the family to enjoy and practice and of course sell!
Sender Ramps initially used up spare machine capacity when not making climbing walls. However, in the last few months with increasing demand we have seen the Manual Machine command most of the CNC Machine time.”

And Scott says about his stands:
“Basically I got fed up placing the families bikes on the ground between descents or after races and especially at the end of the day when trying to wash the bikes. There isn’t always a fence or suitable place to stand your bike. All other stands are heavy and take up too much room and are barely adjustable. Answer – design and make one that works for us… and if it works for us it will work for other riders.
There is no other stand in the market that is made from wood, is so lightweight, folding and adjustable. In addition riders and shops can personalize or brand making them extremely professional looking.

The Roadie is exactly the same as the Trailhead in all but name and Sender Branding where the lycra wearing rider may not want to associate with the jersey wearing DH rider….
Just a simple way of using the same product with two distinct markets.”


Shug Hardtail Mountain Bike
Shand is based in Scotland and a manufacturer of mountain bikes and adventure touring bikes. The company is nearly 6 years old and has 8 frame designs across 13 models and has manufactured and sold nearly 1,000 bikes. Frame designs have been refined over the years to improve their functionality and simplify production. Sales/production for 2018 expected to be around 200 bikes/frames.

Awards won:
– Best Off-road Bicycle 2013, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show
– Entrepreneur and Startup Award 2013, West Lothian Council / Business Gateway
– Scottish Edge Finalist 2014, Round 4
– Best Gravel Bike 2016, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show (supported by Grix CX)
– Best Touring Bike 2016, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show (supported by the CTC).
– Public Vote for Best Bikes 2016, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show (supported by Columbus)
– Peer Award 2017, Bespoked European Handbuilt Bike Show

The Rohloff Speedhub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive system has been successful in raising the Shand profile and the company is now recognised as a Rohloff bike specialist within the UK and around the world. Specialising in this high-quality, niche product (along with influences of the Scottish landscape on the product) has provided differentiation in an extremely crowded marketplace.


Straight Cut Design is an Edinburgh based company founded less than a year ago. Currently designing and handmaking products.
Straight Cut Design pride themselves on being able to offer customers a fully handmade frame bag that fits their bike perfectly.
The customer has the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of colours and sizes to make their bag unique.


 SussMyBike is a small innovative business, based in Scotland. They’ve used their extensive experience as engineers, entrepreneurs and mountain bikers, to develop a device to help mountain bikers tune their suspension more effectively and more quickly – and more importantly, so they have more fun!

 They believe every mountain biker should have the best ride possible, every time. So they aim to take all the head scratching and trial and error out of mountain bike setup, so riders can enjoy a well setup bike and a great ride!

 They love mountain biking and have based theirselves in the heart of mountain biking country in the Scottish Borders at Innerleithen. They believe this will be instrumental in further developing our product and creating new exciting developments for mountain bikers.


Veloeye was set up to combat bicycle theft which is becoming more prevalent across the UK as cycling as a recreation and commuter transport becomes ever more popular. With fewer than 10% of stolen bikes being retrieved, they devised a simple sticker registration system which uses app technology to scan and log your bike in our database. Being a high visibility sticker, the Veloeye product can be scanned by anyone, including the Police to establish the status of any marked bike and to act as a visual deterrent.

They have now created Veloeye VX, which is a GPS bike tracking device that allows for both (i) inactive monitoring of a bike so that the owner is alerted if their bike is moved and can thereafter track its movements and (ii) active monitoring by a third party (partner, friend family member) whilst the bike is being legitimately used so that they are instantly made aware of any potential accidents or unexpected activities which may have occurred.

Winner - Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation of the Year 2017

AS D-Zine is a product design company based in The Sport Hive at the University of Stirling Innovation Park. They are currently developing their multi-award-winning hydration product Go~Charge.

Go~Charge is a patent pending hydration product which can be attached to any hydration pack. At the flick of a switch the user can transform their water into a scientifically formulated sports drink without fear of contaminating their water sourced. This means they can switch back to plain water at any point and as often as they wish, providing 2 options from a single source.

Winner - Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation of the Year 2016 

Flaer Revo Terra chain performance system – Scottish Mountain Bike Product Innovation 2016

The REVO TERRA is the world’s first Chain Performance System for off road bicycles.
The world’s first chain performance system for Mountain Bikes will ensure your transmission operates at its best from start to finish, no matter what the conditions. By applying a precise quantity of our specially developed Terra Fluid to the chain as you ride you can get 5% more power to the wheel, experience smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission, making chain suck a thing of the past. Built and tested to withstand the toughest trails, the Revo Terra keeps your transmission running cleaner, faster, better!