MTB Vlogger of the Year


This is a brand new award to showcase those MTB Vloggers out there who do a great job of showcasing trails, experiences and kit and much more.  We are exceptionally lucky in this country to have some high quality vloggers out there sharing their adventures with us.

This is was your shortlist for 2019 and the winner of the Award was - McTrail Rider

Grizzly Munro Diaries

Grizzly Munro

Sean Green – Mountain biking 282 Munro Scottish Mountains (just for the hell of it).

Sean has an absolute passion for mountain biking.  Documenting his attempt to ride all 282 Munro peaks of the Scottish mountains which he calls his Grizzly Munro Diaries. 

What makes this adventure even more crazy is that Sean works full-time, is a father of two and at times has to drive hours to even get to his next Munro challenge. His days off are full, his weekends are full but Sean strongly believes his family comes first and that he has a good balance between the two. 

Have a look at his adventures here.

McTrail Rider 

Mc Trail Rider

Andrew McAvoy  - his goal is to travel to as many of Scotlands amazing biking destinations as he can and bring us the clearest, smoothest footage possible to try and help us decide if its somewhere that we all would like to visit. 

He aims to get at least one video a week put up and secondly to build enough of a video library for his channel to be a one stop channel for anyone seeking to find new biking destinations in Scotland.

Have a look at his channel here  

Street Pigeon MTB

Street Pigeon

Jamie Wallace - Jamie started making MTB content for YouTube in 2018, however it wasn't until 2019 that he really started producing more focused content under the guise of Street Pigeon MTB.

Jamie loves mountain biking.  Its quite clear from his content that it is an absolute passion of his.  A father of two young children he grabs what time he can to spread the joy of the sport in his own way.  

In the last 6 months he has experimented with both the content and production and now feels really pleased with the quality of the edits. His channel is definitely gaining an identity and is now becoming focussed on vlog production with occasional full trail commentary videos and product reviews.

He gained his 100th subscriber in January. In the 9 subsequent months, gained a further 759 (859 at the time of mailing) and is now getting around 6-9000 views per month. 

Jamie thinks the appeal for viewers is that he is an average rider just getting out and riding. He hopes that makes him easy to relate to and encourages others to come and ride the wonderful trails in Scotland. He always try to produce edits to ensure that they sell MTB in a positive light and puts a lot of effort in to responding to viewer comments. 

Have a look at his channel here.

GOOD LUCK FOLKS! - Winner announced at the Scottish Mountain Bike Awards  - Book your tickets now.