Scottish MTB National Series of the Year

We were looking for entries from National Series organisers for consideration to become the Scottish MTB National Series of the Year 2019.  We were looking for a series that has made a unique impact to their local MTB community. 

This award will be judged by a panel of experts and the winner will be announced at the Scottish Mountain Bike Awards on the 21st November.  

This was your shortlist for 2019 and your winner for 2019 is the Scottish Cross Country Series - SXC

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Scottish Enduro Series - SES


The Scottish Enduro Series has now delivered for a very successful six years. Six years of providing some of the UKs best racing at 12 different venues across Scotland and the series continues to go from strength to strength. The Scottish Series strikes the balance between racing and a great day out with friends. For those with greater ambitions in the enduro world, the series is a recognised pathway for riders to learn, develop and thrive in preparation for the step up to the Enduro World Series.

In terms of topography and environment, Scotland has a lot to offer and immediately gives the POC Scottish Series a competitive edge against any other would be competitor series outside Scotland.

The POC Scottish Enduro Series success has been built on successful positive partnerships across the industry, destinations, land owners and managers as well as the enthusiasts and clubs associated with the venues.

Throughout 2019 they have continued to work with destinations to ensure that the visiting participants get the best possible and informed experience of the area, whilst ensuring that local businesses are afforded the opportunity to maximize the economic impact of the series.
For participants its all about the riding experience, as event orginisers the challenge is to find a range and variety of challenges across the series but also across the each of the event venues. By providing a balanced mixture of technical, physical and enjoyable stages and with the focus on fun and the enjoyment of riding bikes with like minded people whilst presenting a professionally run, competitive and safe races, its clear why many regard the series as the UKs premier enduro series.

Scottish Downhill Association - SDA


The SDA is a voluntary group that organises the regional series of downhill mountain bike races throughout Scotland, they also host the Scottish Championships on behalf of Scottish Cycling.

2019 consisted of 5 rounds held at a variety of locations across Scotland and included 2 rounds of the British DH Series. The events are always a combination of elite level racing combined with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether riders participate solely within Scotland or are looking to progress to British National status the SDA aims to offer the best, most demanding and ability testing tracks in Britain. Many tracks started their life within the roots of the SDA such as an early push up at a Ski Centre outside Fort William which has gone on to be one of the top venues in the World Cup circuit today.

These courses are in necessity very important in creation, development and maintenance, all of which the SDA strive to achieve, but for the SDA equally so is the event itself. They committee make sure the whole event experience is one to remember, venue, uplift, housekeeping and atmosphere, they provide the tools and the riders do the business. The series set the standard with DH events over many years and the SDA’s aim is to make sure the series continues to do so, in its own inimitable way.

The SDA would like to thank the ongoing support of Scottish Cycling and the principle series sponsors Green Power. And would like to an extend a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join the SDA family in 2019!

Scottish Cross Country Series - SXC

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The SXC series has existed for as long as anyone can remember and we aim to offer first-class XC mountain bike racing for riders of all ages and abilities – from brave first timers to Junior world champions – all in a fun, friendly, positive and welcoming environment showcasing some of the best spots for mountain biking Scotland has to offer.

The custodianship of the SXC is based on a 2-year model, where the organising committee changes every two years, to try and keep things energetic and fresh and avoid organiser burn-out. Everyone involved in organising the SXC series is a volunteer, doing it because they want to and balancing it with the rest of life. The current Glasgow Riderz team took it over from Peebles CC a year ago and we've tried to build on their great work with three core objectives:

- include more people: We secured Shimano as the series headline sponsor for 2019 & 2020 and took the decision to share the help they're providing with the whole SXC community and reduce the cost of entry across the board, something we think was a bold statement at a time when the cost of racing generally is on the increase! We don't want cost to be a barrier to joining the SXC party, and we're trying hard to make our events as affordable to as many people as we can. Our partnership with Shimano isn't just about branding and money though – at each round we've been able to offer a neutral service gazebo staffed by a team of Shimano mechanics where any rider can take their bike for a bit of last-minute mechanical help. 

- spread the love! We think Scotland is the best country in the world for XC mountain biking and we want to take our events to some of the best spots for riding, especially those that many of our regular riders aren't familiar with already. In 2019 we introduced a brand new venue in West Lothian and made a return to one just outside Aberdeen that only those racers with the longest memories could recall! Despite the challenges of working with a new set of landowners, both of these pioneering rounds were a big success, with rider feedback that blew us away! Both are already on next year's calendar, along with another we can't reveal just yet that should have everyone excited.

- everyone should have a good time! 

Quite simply, we want everyone to come away from our events having got as much out of the day as possible, both on and off the bike. This has meant paying careful attention to our communication, pre-event info, event village layout, signage, branding as well as devoting a huge amount of time involving the committee, the local volunteer crews, expert local riders and trail-builders and the Scottish Cycling commissaire team to design our courses in such a way that they provide both a challenge and a load of fun for every rider, whether it's their first ever crack at a mountain bike race or it's a preparation event ahead of a UCI world cup round. We figure the more we put in, the more everyone will get out!

Tweedlove Triple Crown


TweedLove enduros have been running since 2012 but the TweedLove Triple Crown was not established until 2016. The creation of the series was a result of three main factors; 

- In 2014 and 2015 we hosted the UK legs of the Enduro World Series both of which were the fastest selling rounds in the series those years
- The individual TweedLove enduros were sell out successes in themselves
- It is what the people wanted - more enduros in the Tweed Valley were in demand and our event organization was commended by riders

We aim to fully reflect the true essence of enduro racing – inclusiveness, the best quality trail-riding, a spirit of friendliness and mutual respect, professional organization, and a rewarding physical and technical challenge. We create events which are a true weekend adventure, and strive to provide the highest production values at the best value possible. We have built a loyal following of riders attracted to both the quality of riding and a great weekend with their riding mates.

We are the only UK series that delivers its enduros in line with the format of the Enduro World Series in terms of timing. Riders who choose to be seeded have set start times for every stage and we impose time penalties if these are missed. These features keep the events in line with the top level of the sport, ensuring a physical fitness element to the event as well as the technical riding side. This is unique in Scotland as well as the UK and is viewed as a great positive by the riders “It’s the closest to the EWS you can get,” said one.

The success of the TweedLove Triple Crown has been the attendance over the years, both in numbers and diversity of ability. The series is the highest attended series in Scotland and has been since its introduction in 2016, this year averaging 424 riders per event which is 200 more than the other Scottish series. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 it was the best attended enduro series in the UK, and only missed out this year by five riders on average.

We pride ourselves on offering inclusive events and this is evident in the start lists. Our events provide an important ladder for athlete progress, providing local riders with the perfect learning and proving ground in their careers – as examples, riders such as Katy Winton and Lewis Buchanan first found their ability in enduro with us. Likewise Tracy Moseley has worked with us, using our events to introduce new team members to enduro. 

At the top level, no other events in the UK have attracted as many top pro athletes as our series, with Danny Hart and Tracy Moseley competing regularly alongside 14-year-old first time enduroists. In addition the series always attracts riders from far and wide to part, for example at Round 2 in the 2019 series we had riders who had travelled from as far as New Zealand and South Africa to participate.