EuroBike 2018

Ed, our DMBinS Tweed Valley MTB Co-ordinator, went over to Eurobike in Germany for the 2018 show alongside colleagues from the MTBCoS, Danny and Jessie. We were attending the show for a number of reasons this year:

  • Firstly to attend and learn from the excellent programme of travel and academy talks 
  • We attended the cycle industry club breakfast hosted by European Cycling Federation where we met industry leaders to discuss two upcoming projects we are working on
  • We also met with UK and international companies at the show to support our colleagues at the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland. With the aim of promoting the use of our centre for testing and marketing Scotland as a destination and the upcoming innovation events for on bike storage and sustainable textiles. 
  • We also met to discuss some exciting upcoming product launches and marketing plans that will be based in Scotland.
  • We were also pleased with the level of interest in attending our recently announced conference in November which is set to be a fantastic event 

Euro Cycling Federation Eurobike


The travel talks focused on a range of hot topics. Firstly the rise of E-Bikes still dominated. The market for leisure E-Bike tourism is still growing in Germany. 

The latest statistic was 60% of all bikes sold are E-Bikes and this represents a staggering 90% of revenue! 

They have contributed to the statistic that holidays where the focus is on cycling now represents 10% of all German holidays, this excludes stays less than 3 days so when adding weekends and this figure gets even higher. We are currently working on press trips to bring German cycling media to Scotland to promote our riding.E-Bikes still present an issue as the batteries can’t be taken on passenger planes so a commercial shipping firm used or rental for battery or bikes. Therefore for Scotland traffic using the ferry links will most likely bring e-bikes with them. Scotland is still at a much earlier stage for e-bikes and we are learning where we need rental and battery facilities and infrastructure to anticipate the growing demand. 

Travel Talk Conference

“Women are an underrated target group” was another interesting talk. Women are more likely to travel than men yet marketing still focuses more on men in the cycling industry. The Instagram generation are even keener to be seen on active holidays and women again are more active in this social media travel posting than men. Therefore why don’t more destinations target women? Think about your approach to singles who travel is in groups of guys being rad or is it encouraging women to ride and be gnarly! 

The brand Komoot presented on their platform of destination creation and activity mapping across biking and hiking. Their data shows a huge amount of fascinating insights. For example, most mountain bikes in Europe are also active hikers and therefore understand to share the trail.

They also enjoy nature as a primary reason for mountain biking. We sometimes forget that with the abundance of trail centres it’s still a good trail that takes in views, fascinating forest scenery or other attractions that draw us in. It’s not only the trail ahead of us. Komoot represents 28% of users planning a cycling trip in Germany compared with 42% using Google maps, something to consider given the dominance of Google maps.

The trends and innovations for the cycling industry

The slick looking 12 speed XTR was on show along with new SRAM Eagle NX, but most excitingly was the Rotor 13 speed group set and Box Components transmissions and gear systems. The big two S’s are losing the monopoly to the growing band of interchangeable smart new competitors. The key is also interchanging between road, gravel and MTB and between hydraulic discs in road and MTB. The consumer wants ultimate choice – customisation is king.

Consolidation of niches

The near death of Fat bikes and plus bikes on show has been matched by almost equal footing between road, gravel/bikepacking, XC/Trail and Enduro/DH. Practical E-bikes and leisure bikes still dominate in terms of volume across the industry and the commuter market is booming with E-Bike solutions. But the industry is maybe settling down again.

Shand On Display

E-bikes for transport

E-bikes are established now but the future is clearly focused on the motor car industry market segment through the mass market city travel market. For transport of heavy goods to children and commuters – e-bikes are facing competition from car manufacturers and a growing list of new entrants into the motor and battery market. New entrants included Continental, AEG and many more less well known.

Cargo Ebikes

Sustainable products

Still there seems to be a slow uptake for environmentally conscience products but it was good to see brands promoting clothing recycled from various sources, Brooks saddles was one promoting the green credentials of their saddles. However there is a way to go before the market sees consumers spending with their heart!

Brand Wheel

We hope to see brands embrace the importance of the trails we ride on and supporting communities with sustaining the riding – a message we were keen to spread with our colleagues from IMBA Europe.

Innovative Innovations

This has been in the press a lot but Ed caught up with Ceramic Speed to discuss this innovative drivetrain using a shaft and a novel gearing system. Granted it doesn’t change gears yet, but it promises 49% less friction than a chain and derailleur set up alongside potential aero gains from no cassette, chain and narrow wheels. While it has taken just 9 months in total to develop and it resembles a meat mincer it seems they are actually excited about what they’ve stumbled upon. The UCI dictates that bikes need chains to compete but triathlon doesn’t so they anticipate this could be applied to improve triathlon bikes in the not too distant future so watch this space….. 

Ceramic Bearings Innovation

Wheels using polyester string not spokes appeared on two stands. The result is a strong stable wheelset that weighs 1kg. The spokes aren’t impacted by Scottish wet weather I was assured! 

String Wheels

Integrated electronics into more components like a stem and bar combination with LCD screen. E-bikes are driving the connectivity of the bike forward with the power source fuelling gadgets and sensors.

Integrated Products

Overall another great trip to EuroBike with lessons that will help keep Scotland at the forefront for mountain biking development and deepen our connections with the bike industry.