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Today Scottish Cycling launch their new Strategy - Developing a Nation of Cyclists.  

An innovative and exciting new strategy which outlines how Scottish Cycling will LEAD, SUPPORT, GROW and PARTNER to achieve the vision of Scotland as a nation of cyclists.

Find out more and read the full press release here:-

Scottish Cycling Launches New Strategy: Developing a Nation of Cyclists

Over the last 12 months, Scottish Cycling have worked collaboratively to develop a vision for the future, and are delighted to share it with the cycling community in Scotland as the new strategy is launched.

The mission of this exciting new strategy is to inspire the nation to participate in cycling and support the Scottish Cycling community to realise their full potential. Through great facilities, performance pathways and partnership working, coaches, development managers and events officers aspire to lead and enable members, clubs and partners to develop cycling for everyone in Scotland.

Commenting on the launch of the strategy, Scottish Cycling’s Chief Executive, Craig Burn, said:

“Scottish Cycling has been on an incredible journey and we have achieved huge success in terms of Scots consistently performing on the world stage, growing the talent pool and simply just getting more people on bikes… Our new strategy Developing a Nation of Cyclists clearly sets our priorities and importantly what we aspire to achieve.

"Cycling can make a significant contribution to many local and national priorities and the potential is endless. However, it is up to all of us, as volunteer, club coach, event organiser, parent or indeed local and national government, to play our collective part if we are to maximise the opportunities and potential that lies ahead to make Scotland a better place for future generations."

“Importantly, the strategy provides a framework for action and a guide for even greater collaboration and partnership working. It invites those who can contribute to its success to work together and be ambitious and innovative in growing the sport, through inspiring elite performances, getting more people participating in cycle sport or just riding bikes."

President of Scottish Cycling, Tom Bishop, said:

“As custodians of the sport we have set out an ambitions strategy that will ensure our sport grows which is underpinned by a strong and sustainable network of clubs that provide opportunities for members to participate at all levels. The national strategy unveiled today will be a valuable tool in helping to galvanise our members and stakeholders that contribute to cycling in Scotland.”

More information on the new Scottish Cycling Strategy can be found here.