Why we’re here

We want to make Scotland better. Our job is identifying and exploiting the opportunities for economic growth by supporting Scottish companies to compete, helping to build globally competitive sectors, attracting new investment and creating a world-class business environment.

we work to

• Stimulate economic growth - delivering dedicated support locally, nationally and internationally.
• Exploit low carbon opportunities - we are working with partners to create a competitive low carbon business environment in Scotland.
• Improve Scotland's business infrastructure - ensuring Scotland has a great business environment for companies to grow and attract new investment to Scotland.
• Support business - offering tailored support to businesses of all sizes. Support includes products, services, funding and investment opportunities.

Partnership working

We work in partnership with universities, colleges, local authorities and other public sector bodies to maximise our contribution to the Government Economic Strategy.

Ongoing partnership projects across Scotland

Our business plan

Our Business Plan for 2011-2014 sets out what we will deliver over the next three years and how we will monitor and measure our performance.

Read our Business Plan for 2011-14

Our performance

Over 10,000 companies accessed our support to make their business stronger and despite tough economic conditions, we achieved our performance targets for the year.

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