Good Practice Guidelines for Mountain Bike Tour Operators, Guides, Instructors and Coaches operating in Scotland

Good Practice Guide Tour Operators

Scotland is one of the best destinations in the world for mountain biking. New guidelines developed by the industry will help customers understand the quality of service and experience which they can expect when they engage with a Scottish mountain biking business.

The guidelines have been developed by a partnership between Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS), Wild Scotland and Scottish mountain biking businesses to support the delivery of good practice towards customers, land managers and other visitors.

Graeme McLean project manager of DMBinS explains the benefit of the guidelines:

“We have been working to support the mountain bike industry over the last 5 years and we know that most Scottish mountain bike businesses are amongst the best qualified and most professional tour operators, guides, skills instructors and coaches in the world. The guidelines are an industry led approach to help ensure that every customer who engages with a Scottish mountain bike business is going to get a professional, legal and fun experience.”

This document follows on from the guidance on responsible mountain biking developed by DMBinS, Do The Ride Thing, which supports the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, and is part of the Wild Scotland Best Practice Guideline series.

Gillian Brymer, Wild Scotland, explains why they were keen to be a key partner in developing the guidelines:

“Wild Scotland represent adventure tourism companies across Scotland, all of whom care about and respect Scotland’s natural beauty and are committed to delivering an outstanding level of service to their clients. We realise that mountain biking is a growing sector and we are keen to support the adoption of good practice by the industry.”

Indeed it is the industry itself which sought the creation of the guidelines. Euan Wilson of H&I Adventures, one of Scotland’s largest mountain bike tour operators, explains:

“We deliver a very high quality experience to all our customers and we know that, generally, the experience visitors get across the board in Scotland is very good. However we have now agreed as a sector to put our name to good practice and be professional, responsible and amazing experiences. This will help Scotland be even better known across the world as a world class mountain biking destination.”

Mountain biking is an activity which Scotland is a world leader in its development. This was recently showcased with DMBinS hosting an international conference in Peebles which was attended by over 200 delegates from 13 different countries.

Andy McKenna, owner of Go Where Scotland, another leading mountain biking tour operator explains the scale of the opportunity:

“Scotland has an amazing global reputation for mountain biking and we host customers from all over the world who are blown away by their experience in Scotland. However reputations are hard won and easily lost. We are delighted that these guidelines will help emerging businesses realise the expectation on them to maintain our global reputation.”

Download the guidelines here.

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