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  1. 1 Aims of the Project How did you identify the demand for the project? What are the foundations of the club?

    The Clydesdale Colts were started in August 2011 as a youth section of the Royal Albert Cycling Club. The Colts are a Go-Ride club with the aim of encouraging children under 17 to gain proficient cycling skills and participate in races and events. This is achieved within a friendly and supportive environment, developing a sense of group and belonging.

  2. 2 Actions What did you do and how did you do it? Who did you involve? How did you promote the project?

    The club was first started using coaches and welfare officers from the Royal Albert Cycling Club. As more children started to attend the club, parents started helping out with the growing groups. As the size of the club grew, some of the parents have trained as coaches, with more parents on course to become coaches.

    The club was promoted via the local press, social media and word of mouth. As more children joined, they would being their friends. Contact has been made with local schools to provide bike skills sessions.

  3. 3 The Results What were the project outcomes/results? What one feature of your project would you highlight as a particular success or unique aspect?

    The club started with 12 riders in 2011, the current list of regular attendees has 86 children. The Colts run the main coaching session on a Saturday morning at Chatelherault Country park. Due to the location of main coaching session, the club has developed a distinct Mountain Bike slant. During the summer months, there are evening sessions twice a month at a local go-kart track. Our riders attend various events across the country, and we recently co-hosted our first race with the Dynamo’s at Cathkin Braes.

    What one feature of your project would you highlight as a particular success or unique aspect?

    The club has had many successes, the success with the widest impact would be in the social cohesion and confidence this give the riders in the club. The children have developed a great sense of team, with the older riders offering support to younger members, this encourages the younger riders to participate in more events and activities within the club. The older riders are now riding in groups themselves outside coaching sessions developing a great camaraderie.

  4. 4 Future Development How do you plan to develop the project so that it keeps on working in the future?

    The club continues to grow in size, so to handle the numbers, we need to train more coaches. To increase the riders exposure to mountain biking, it would be valuable for the club to have coaches qualified with the Trail Leader Qualification. The club is now mature enough to run its own events. Having co-hosted our first event, we plan to put more events together. Some of our riders are now reaching the 17 year old ceiling which the club caters for. The intention is to encourage any of the riders who are interested to join the Royal Albert.

  5. 5 Additional Information Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your club?

    The Colts have grown in size very quickly and we are finding that the focus of most of the children is in mountain biking. We would like to be able to train more coaches with the trail leader qualification in order to get the children out on more challenging mtb rides. We have worked with some of the older kids to to create our own trails in the local forest, which is helping to give the kids a more adventurous spirit to what they can ride.