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Progression Bikes - Inspiring Mountain Bike Business in Highland Perthshire

Highland Perthshire is building a reputation as becoming Scotland’s new adventure playground. A new business has been started to help tourists and locals explore the fantastic trails in the area – and pick up new skills whilst in the process.

Progression Bikes, based in Dunkeld, was started by Adam Flint who explains “I have been a keen mountain biker since I was a young thing and I came to this area to lead mountain biking groups for an outdoors company. I couldn’t believe the great riding which was to be found – and there was no business set up to show people around the trails.”

This thought process manifested itself in Adam starting up his own business. However he did find the process daunting at first. He explains further “I knew what I wanted to do but I wasn’t entirely sure how I would go about achieving it. I didn’t let this stop me however and I set about investigating my options. My first port of call was Business Gateway they were a great help and told me to contact Nae Limits, an adventure company based in Highland Perthshire where I met John (the owner) and we got on really well, he liked my ideas and we are still working in partnership together.”

With some local partners on board Adam decided to see if his idea fitted within the strategic context for mountain biking in Tayside and Fife. He contacted Graeme McLean, project manager for Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, who explains “When I first met Adam I was impressed by his enthusiasm and passion for getting his business off the ground and his vision for getting more people to mountain bike in a beautiful part of Scotland. We met and discussed his business ideas in confidence and I gave him some pointers as to which qualifications would help him and some other partners he could be working alongside to increase his chances of making a success of his business. I hope to have helped Adam however I know the level of hard work he has put in and the success of his business is entirely down to him.”

Success is the word to describe Progression Bikes first season operating. Adam has had to hire another 2 members of staff to cope with demands. His initial ideas of operating an uplift and guiding & skills courses have proved to be very popular at weekends but he has also responded to customer demands by opening a bike shop and offering bike hire.Anticipating a lull in business outside of school holidays he contacted local schools to see if they would be interested in his coaching services. Ardvreck School, an independent school based in Crieff, registered their interest and the club goes from strength to strength. Outdoor Pursuits Co-ordinator Liz Munns commented “We were unsure how many pupils would be interested in mountain biking but we thought we would give it a try. The activity has been a huge success. We have more than thirty children participating in Adam’s coaching sessions. The quality of his coaching is tremendous and he has very good rapport with the kids. There is so much that comes with the course, from the excellent quality and well maintained equipment, to the GO MTB log books which give the children something to work towards, as well as special deals on bikes and kit”.

After a successful first season what does the future hold for Progression Bikes? “We will continue to run our uplift service, guiding & coaching sessions, bike shop and hire but we are also looking into additional locations in Highland Perthshire, plus ambitious plans for new trails in the area. Watch this space!” said Adam.

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