Case Study Info
  • Name: Teenage Girls Bike Packing Pilot
  • Title: Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland
  • Email:
  1. 1 Aims of the Project How did you identify the demand for the project?

    The background.

    Despite year upon year increases in women participating in events and becoming members of the organisation, Scottish Cycling decided that they would like to keep the momentum on increasing participation in cycling and mountain biking from women and girls.  So we created a 3 year plan to engage, support, mentor and train female coaches, leaders and role models whilst simultaneously providing additional opportunities to increase participation.

    In its first year the key focus was on mentoring, training and developing new leaders and coaches. The Awards for All funding we received helped support experienced and professional coaches run mentor opportunities at the following events: Endura Go Girls Programme (4 Days in Spring & 4 Days in Autumn), SXC Womens Coaching(5 days over 2016 & 2017), Dales Road Race Series preparation sessions(two sessions in 2017).  The final event was to pilot a teenage girls programme over 2 days.

    This pilot.

    We then started to look at ideas to engage and capture the attention of teenage girls.  It had to be something different.  After a few minor setbacks, we decided to look into the possibility of a bikepacking idea.  Could it work?

  2. 2 Actions What did you do and how did you do it? Who did you involve? How did you promote the project?

    What? Who? How

    We first of all took our idea to The Adventure Syndicate's Lee Craigie.  She is a great supporter of our project in general and we are of her epic and awesome adventures.  The tag line of TAS is to Inspire, Encourage and Enable, and this was exactly what we wanted to achieve with outr teenage girls.  Mainly women and girls.  We knew this would be a special collaboration.  

    Initial talks with Lee gave us and idea of just what we needed to do to make this all work.  We decided on the area, Inverness, to carry out this pilot, which would enable us to work closely with another supporter and project Lee was involved with Velocity Cafe and Bike Workshop.  This would be an ideal base camp and meeting point for the girls and their families.  So we set to work.

    Lee was able to give us so much information about just what equipment was needed.  Kit lists were then prepared and we set about trying to gather enough kit for 10.  8 girls and 2 leaders.  Ferga Perry, velocity

  3. 3 The Results What were the project outcomes/results? What one feature of your project would you highlight as a particular success or unique aspect?
  4. 4 Future Development How do you plan to develop the project so that it keeps on working in the future?