Guidance for MTB Riders


The Scottish Government throughout this pandemic have provided guidelines, advice and restrictions to help protect us all through these unprecedented times. We appreciate that they have clearly recognised the importance and value of outdoor exercise at this time as a vital tool for good mental and physical health. 

The fact that all of Scotland has been able to move to this Level 0 is testament to every one of us that have abided by the government guidance along the way and we again would like to thank the mountain bike community for the part that they have played. 

To progress to pre covid levels, Scottish Government continue to urge us all to follow public health measures to protect one another and to suppress coronavirus to help create conditions that allow Scotland to move beyond Level 0 on 9 August.

Key considerations from 19/07/21

Please remember that we will be sharing our outdoor spaces with so many other user groups who will be just as keen to get back to their favourite places, please factor this into your plans.

Travel: Travel is permissible in and out of your local area. Check out the Scottish Government website here for latest information regarding any localised travel restrictions. 

Have a Plan B: If your chosen destination is rammed, have a second choice. Choose your destination carefully and consider avoiding hot spots. 

Group Sizes: Up to 15 people from 15 households in Level 0. This applies to any group who do NOT have a Covid Officer, risk assessment and contact details to trace all riders in their group - social riding. For organised activities or guidance around events - see Scottish Cycling guidance.

(U12s do not count towards your group ride total)

Parking: Please park with consideration for others and avoid blocking roads, driveways and access for other vehicles. If your chosen destination’s parking facility is overcrowded, please deploy your plan B.

Litter:  Take it home! There is no excuse – ever. #trashfreetrails

Be considerate: Smile and just be nice. We all need to look out for each other as we tentatively make our way back to some kind of normality.

Other Path/Trail Users

You are more likely to come across walkers, horse riders, parents with buggies and wheelchair users as well as many other mountain bikers. Please remember: -

• If  you are not on an authorised, marked mountain bike trail you have an obligation to give way to all other user groups.

• Be in control and reduce your speed especially on trails where route visibility is reduced, or the trail exits onto a shared path.

• Let people know that you are there. A ring of a bell or a polite hi really helps to not startle folks. Let horse riders be aware of your presence as early as possible and be confident they have seen you before passing. (See our wee film we made with the British Horse Society to give some more tips on what to do around horses)

• We all have the right to access outdoor spaces. Be kind, keep smiling and lets make sure the mountain bike community is respected across Scotland.

General Responsible Mountain Biking Advice/Good Practice

Do the Ride Thing and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times.

• #RespectProtectEnjoy - By taking responsibility for our own actions, respecting the interests of other people and caring for the environment we can all get the best out of our shared spaces.

• Be Prepared - check the weather forecast, pack spare clothes, tools, lights, phone with spare battery pack, emergency shelters and additional food & water.

• Ride Within Your Limits – do not take unnecessary risks and be prepared to alter your plans if weather or conditions change,

• Be Supported - let someone know where you are going and what time you will be back.

• Get Help - in an emergency call 999 or 112 and ask for Police and Mountain Rescue. Be ready with additional clothing to wait longer for Mountain Rescue to arrive however they are there to help you get safely out of trouble in the hills - do call in an emergency.

Who Shouldn’t Ride

Do not leave your home to undertake exercise or physical activity if Scottish Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19. 

Please check Scottish Government guidance on self isolating for you and any members of your household.   

Further information