Girls in the hills

What are you riding at the moment? Forest road exploring, gravel tracks, some scenic cross country or maybe you’ve dusted off your road machine? Or perhaps you can’t ride as you are self isolating or other responsibilities take up your allocated ‘daily exercise’.

Whatever your current situation, you will have compromised your mountain bike experience considerably over the last few weeks and looking ahead, these restrictions don’t look to be changing for a while. But lets not get down, stay positive and plan for more carefree days in future.

Some folk will be longing for adventures in the mountains, pouring over maps to find hidden singletrack gems, or longing for laps of their local favourites. For others it will be the nervous excitement waiting to drop into an trail with a group of friends. That feeling mid trail and when you regroup after to check everyone has made it down a tricky feature safely. Nailing a flowy trail with your mates in a train then taking a break to get some food and drink and share tales of the days ride - good times huh?

If you want to cram in as much action as possible into your day Scotland has some great uplifted venues that allow some amazing riding prioritising fun riding and a good social scene. As a bonus the uplift venues in Scotland are focused around some classic venues and trails with some great mountain biking history.

A wee reminder of an awesome film we were involved in with Sleeper and Co and Adrenalin Uplift for their first 'She Sends' weekend.

Ae, Innerleithen, Dunkeld and Glencoe and Nevis Range have all shaped the Scottish race scene over the years, hosting numerous SDA, BDS and World Cup events. Over the years, these venues have worked to broaden their appeal to a wider range of riders, so if you’re not confident in hitting the more advanced trails there will be something that appeals more. In many cases its possible combine trail riding with a few uplifted runs, plus a good café stop. Not only that but it’s likely to be a change of scene too and in the case of the Highland venues in particular, they allow easy access to some big mountainous terrain.

Here's Mikalya Parton nailing Top Chief at Nevis Range.  The only Gondola uplift in Scotland.

So why not make a pact with your socially distanced riding mates, that when you can get back together, you’ll have a day of hedonistic uplifted, gravity fuelled riding?

Here are a few contacts for forward planning purposes.

Adrenalin Uplift 

Progression Bikes Dunkeld

Nevis Range