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  1. 1 Why would I want to promote my club on this website? Looking for new members, volunteers, promote your events…

    Why would I want to promote my club on this website?

    Whilst we can’t promise by promoting your club on our website will make your club the best in Scotland, it is only your hard work which will achieve this, it should help promote your club to a wider audience and help the mountain biking scene in Scotland have a central focus.

    We will be at events such as Fort William World Cup and Scottish Bike Show and by your club featuring in the ‘Who To Go With’ Section of this website we will also be promoting the good work of your club.

  2. 2 What will my club page look like? Show me some examples…

    What will my club page look like? 

    We will post some club pages up here as soon as they are created but they will be similar to the skills courses and guiding pages in the 'Who to Ride With' section. 

  3. 3 Do we need to have a Facebook page? It is not compulsory but it is recommended…

    Do we need to have a Facebook page?

    If you have a Facebook group page you will have an icon at the top and you can accept new 'friends' to your club. This enables potential new members to join your club 'virtually' and see what is happening - when club rides are planned, what videos you like, etc. This will help build the scene around your club and make it more attractive to potential members.

    We will only accept official club facebook pages – we don’t think people reading your clubs news want to see your holiday photos!

    For more information see our toolkit- Social media guide for clubs.

  4. 4 SOLD – How do we sign up? It’s easy peasy honest…

    Sign Me Up

    All you need to do is download this quick questionnaire.

    Email it back to us and we will create your page – we will then email you a link to ensure you are happy with it before it goes live!

    All clubs will go up in 2012!!!

    Once your page is up and running please let us know if you have noticed a difference – more members, more volunteers, bigger events – let us know at