1. 1 Open to? Anyone who wishes....

    - Anyone who wishes to become a leader aged 18 or over
    - You need to have completed at least 20 mountain bike rides – 11 rides of at least 1.5 hours, 8 rides are of at least 2 – 3 hours long and 1 ride of over 6 hours in length.

  2. 2 After I have qualified what can I deliver? Lead groups of up to....

    - Lead groups of up to 8 riders either on low level routes (led rides) or adventure activities in wild places

    - Led rides can be planned of your own creation within the area you are allowed to deliver within.

  3. 3 Where can I deliver? Mountain bike terrain no further than.....

    - Mountain bike terrain no further than 30mins walking distance from an accessible road (by ambulance) or settlement and no more than 500m in height.

    - Public highways, way-marked routes, rights-of-way on which cycles are permitted, identifiable routes, tracks and trails with obvious navigational features.

    - These routes will be 90-95% rideable.

    - They will not involve cycling activity of more than one day length.

    - The award covers normal summer conditions.

  4. 4 Paperwork involved? Logbook of your rides & short questionnaire

    - Logbook of your rides.

    - Short questionnaire before assessment.

  5. 5 Length of Course? 16 hours Training & 1 Day Assessment

    - 16 hours Training 

    - 1 Day Assessment

  6. 6 How much does it cost? Registration fee = ....

    - Registration fee = £50 includes MBLA registration pack, MBLA handbook and Logbook sheets

    - Cost varies depending on tutor but averages: Training course = £120 and Assessment = £75

  7. 7 Can I link with any other programmes? - After an additional 1 day ....

    - After an additional 1 day orientation you can deliver Go Mountain Bike

  8. 8 How many courses per year? Roughly around 75....

    - Roughly around 75 per year

    - View the courses

  9. 9 Other Requirements To qualify as a TCL you need to have....

    - To qualify as a TCL you need to have valid first aid certificate

    - Courses must be a minimum of 12 hours, with no sessions shorter than 2 hours

    - View a list of accredited providers - See First Aid Courses

    - You will also need to join Scottish Cycling/British Cycling. (Details in Step 10)

  10. 10 SOLD. This is the course for me. How do I sign up? Find a course or contact....

    - Find a course or contact a tutor direct (He/she may have other courses running!)
    - Book onto your chosen course
    - Register onto the MBLA scheme through Scottish Cycling
    - Become a member of Scottish Cycling/British Cycling. We recommend you join at Ride or Race Silver or Gold Level to utilise the insurance
    - After your training you will need to consolidate your training - ensure your logbook is kept up to date.
    - Book onto an assessment (Starts on Pg3) or contact a tutor.
    - Congratulations (hopefully!) You are a qualified instructor - you are now eligible for the Night Riding Module, Expedition Module and to go on the Go Mountain Bike(GO MTB) orientation day.
    - It is also recommended that you work with a Mountain Bike Leader (MBLA –MBL) as an assistant to learn how to continue up the pathway.