Use of Images

Use of Images

Use your images correctly and safely….

Using images of their peers having fun on their bikes is a great way to promote mountain biking effectively to children and young people.

However photographs of children and young people on promotional material and websites can pose direct or indirect risks to their subjects.

For example, images accompanied by personal information - 'this is X who likes to hang out at the dirt jumps every Saturday' - could be used by an individual to learn more about a child prior to 'grooming' them for abuse. Or the content of the photo could be used or adapted for inappropriate use.

We would recommend clubs develop a policy about the use of images of children on their promotional material and especially their website. You need to make decisions about the type of images that represent mountain biking appropriately and ensure parents support the policy.

When assessing risk, the most important factor is the potential for inappropriate use of the images. You should take the following steps to reduce the potential for misuse:
• Avoid using children's names (first name or surname) in photograph captions. If the child is named, avoid using his or her photograph. If a photograph is used, avoid naming the child.
• Use a Sample consent form for the use of photographs or video (parents and children) (Word, 20KB) to request and record parental permission to use an image of their child. This ensures that parents know that an image of their child is being used to represent mountain biking.
• Ask for young people's permission to use their image. This ensures that they are aware of the way their image is being used to represent the sport.
• Create a recognised procedure for reporting the use of inappropriate images to help reduce the risks to your yourng mountain bikers.
• Safety Gear. It is important that children are featured wearing a helmet, gloves and, preferably if not essentially, wearing safety glasses. Mountain biking does have an element of risk to it and we should promote good safety practice when ever possible.

Videoing as a coaching aid

Video can be a legitimate coaching aid for club coaches and teachers. However, if it is used make sure that children and their parents/carers understand that it is part of the coaching programme. Make sure that the films are then stored safely.

The above guidance has been adapted with consent from NSPCC.

If your club is using social media then please read our guidance on social media and child protection.

We have a selection of images and posters which are free to download. And have the consent of all participants to use.