1. 1 Why GO MTB? Why would GO MTB help you link schools to clubs….

    Why GO MTB?

    As a proficiency award there is an in-built motivation for candidates to want to achieve the next level.

    This provides a great platform for partnership working between organisations enabling candidates to ‘transfer’ between providers to carry on their learning and mountain biking development with a new provider.

    One of the great aspects of GO MTB is that each candidate is given a unique registration number which should be written in the inside of their logbook.

    If the candidate goes on from your school to a club they will not need to start the award again you can issue them with certificates from where they left off.

    To see a list of mountain bike clubs in Scotland - click here

  2. 2 Why is this necessary? No one person can deliver every part of the mountain biking pathway…

    Why is this necessary?

    It can be difficult logistically for each provider to deliver each stage of a mountain bikers development. Some of the barriers could be time spent with participants - especially if you have groups with novices through to experts, qualifications of the deliverers and the number of deliverers each organisation has available.

    As a school has immediate contact with childrena and young people they are in an excellent position to deliver Levels 1 & 2 of the GO MTB scheme. They could then offer participants directions to the local cycling club where they can receive Levels 3-5 (such as local cycling clubs or private mountain bike skills instructors)

    Please let us know if you have tried to use GO MTB to link your school to your local club and we will showcase your ideas as part of a case study on this site. Drop us an email!