Research Info
  • Title: Ecomonic Value of Mountain Biking in Scotland
  • Researcher Name(s): Tourism Resources Company & EKOS Limited
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This 2009 report on behalf of Scottish Enterprise sets out the current economic impact generated by mountain biking tourism across Scotland, as well as identifying potential future opportunities for the sector. The success of the 7stanes, seven mountain biking trail locations within the South of Scotland, has illustrated increased economic activity together with quality product development which has led to international recognition.

Specific Research Objectives

This report:
− establishes the existing economic impact of mountain biking tourism across Scotland;
− identifies potential investment opportunities and initiatives for the future to further maximise the potential of mountain bike tourism;
− identifies future trends in mountain biking tourism with a view to establishing where Scotland has genuine competitive advantage and as a result can generate valuable impacts; and
− identifies potential opportunities for cross-over activity with other industries where appropriate, such as food and drink and textiles.

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