Research Info
  • Title: Exploring the Market Potential for Yukon Mountain Bike Tourism
  • Researcher Name(s): Jane Koepke
  • Email:


Mountain bike tourism is a growing segment of the adventure tourism market. In particular, destination mountain biking is one of the engines fueling this growth. Communities or regions hoping to position themselves as mountain bike destinations must evaluate their "product" as it relates to global trends in the sport, competing destinations and their target markets. These questions provide the focus for the following study.

Specific Research Objectives

This study aims to determine the following:

  • Size and characteristics in the global mountain bike market
  • Current product delivery in mountain bike tourism
  • Future trends in mountain bike tourism
  • Strategies and stories behind successful mountain bike destinations
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the Yukon with respect to the development of a mountain bike tourism industry
  • Potential strategic areas of growth and opportunity for the Yukon
  • Potential economic benefits of Yukon mountain bike tourism

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Image courtesy of H&I Adventures – a Scottish based business who run mountain biking tours in Yukon, Scotland and other locations around the world.