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Reconomics - Impact of Outdoor Recreation on UK Economy

Launched in June 2014, the Reconomics report aims to highlight the economic impact of outdoor recreation to Great Britain.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA) produced the Reconomics report in consultation with many of its stakeholders, especially the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA). Loosely based on the successful 'Economic Impact of the Outdoor Recreation Economy' report that the OIA USA produced, the OIA have helped SRA to bring together all the existing information, research and evidence relating to the impact of outdoor recreation - ultimately providing a compelling case to politicians of the true value of outdoor recreation.

OIA CEO Andrew Denton comments: "The OIA endorses and supports this very valuable piece of work. Outdoor recreation is at the heart of the country in so many ways and offers a real solution to the growing issues of physical inactivity, obesity and lethargy that affects modern Britain. Whether it's supporting rural tourism, teaching kids outside the classroom or keeping older people connected and independent, getting active outdoors is a solution no one can afford to ignore."

The Reconomics report is a 20-page document, condensed down to offer all the facts regarding outdoor recreation's contribution to British life alongside helpful infographics and images. The fully referenced evidence document allows those with a professional interest in the field to analyse how the following conclusions were made:

Is the UK's favourite pastime: three in four adults in England regularly get active outdoors.

Drives the visitor economy: people spending their day enjoying outdoor recreation spent £21 billion in 2012/13 - and when you factor in overnight visits this comes to £27 billion.

Creates jobs and skills: walking tourism alone supports up to 245,500 full-time equivalent jobs.

Promotes a healthy nation: outdoor recreation can make a significant contribution to tackling the £10 billion cost of physical inactivity.

Also in support of Reconomics, adventurer and Chief Scout Bear Grylls said: "This report lays out the wide range of benefits of getting active outdoors both for the individual and for society. But if we are to maximise these benefits we need politicians to get on board too. Let's have a long-term plan for how we get more people active outside and, if we have a minister for cities, why can't we have one for the countryside and all the activities that take place there too? That can only be a positive step for our nation."

Download the report.

In addition, a short animated summary of the report's key figures is available to view.

The report was updated in 2017 - download the latest version - Reconomics Plus