Research Info
  • Title: The British Cycling Economy
  • Researcher Name(s): Dr Alexander Grous
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Cycling in the UK has undergone a renaissance over the past five years, with an increasing number of people taking to the streets of the UK by bike. Over the years there has also been an array of research into different areas of cycling and its associated benefits but no single overview of the cycling sector and its associated benefits.

Specific Research Objectives

This report sets out to define the ‘cycling economy’ lying behind this growth in numbers. Structural, economic, social and health factors
have caused a ‘shiſt in the sand’ in the UK, spurring an expansion in the cycling market with indications that this will be a longer-term trend. This growth in cycling participation has had the knock-on effect of bringing economic and social benefits to the UK. In 2010 the result was a gross cycling contribution to the UK economy of £2.9b.

In addition, this report sets out to quantify the economic benefits generated by each individual cyclist, taking into account factors
including bicycle manufacturing, cycle and accessory retail, and employment. In 2010, we determine that the gross cycling product (GCP) reached £230 per cyclist, per annum.

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