Scottish Business Collaboration

In Scotland we have amazing opportunities for businesses to collaborate with each other, or with Universities to further their product development and/or research. This award highlights the successes of businesses and academic collaborations and showcasing current innovation in ‘Scottish Cycling Products’. 

Winner 2018

Revoroute Ltd and Edinburgh Napier University with the Descent Master Collaboration 

Full 2018 shortlist:

Revoroute Ltd and Edinburgh Napier University

Descent Master Collaboration 

Descent Master 3

Descent Master is an upper body training device specifically designed to develop the muscles used whilst piloting a mountain bike over rough and physically demanding ground.
The project set out to provide proof of Descent Master’s efficacy by analyzing and testing athletes using a prototype in both the Human Performance labs of Edinburgh Napier University and at the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland, using the trail network there. This involved 3 strands to the project. The first was a classic pre-post intervention study investigating the unique benefits of using Descent Master. The second study involved taking a look into vibration loading and vibration exposure characteristics of a mountain bike trail. The data gathered was compared against the vibration data gathered from Descent Master prototype. The final strand was a qualitative study which used both elite and non-elite focus groups to feedback on the design and function of the prototype kit.

GM4X Ltd and Strathclyde University DMEM student

Paratreker Collaboration

GM4X has worked with Strathclyde DMEM students for 3 years. Over this time, they have designed, developed, tested and now put into production a push powered All-Terrain wheelchair (Paratreker) which is manufactured using a mild steel space frame, mountain bike parts including 4 wheels/tyres and other components. 

GM4X is an adaptive solutions business. With the technology and components available from the mountain bike industry they are, probably unwittingly, opening up the outdoors to anybody with disabilities.

SussmyBike, Adrenalin Uplift and Morrocco Media

SussmyBike Demo Day Video

The mission was simple – get the suspension analysis device, the SMB Flow fitted on bikes on a real downhill trail and capture the feedback from riders on video.

With the help of amazing partners Morrocco Media and Adrenalin Uplift, SussMyBike were able to gain unprecedented access to a large number of riders riding the best trails to showcase their product via Adrenalin Uplift at Innerleithen. They capitalised on this opportunity by getting their favourite award winning film maker, Stefan Morrocco, to capture the events as they unfolded. Stefan then crafted all the amazing footage into a strong compelling story showing the clear benefits of the product.

Swarf Cycles and Five Land Bikes (Fisher and Stitt)

Swingarm Manufacturing Collaboration

Five Land Bikes have been involved with Swarf Cycles in this project since the prototyping stage. They have taken on all swingarm fabrication for this project to date. This included making prototype swingarms, ISO test swingarms and production swingarms. They have also been involved with some welding on the mainframes of a couple of prototypes. 

Swarf Cycles believes that working with Five Land bikes during the prototyping and testing stage has allowed for really fast development of cycles that can be quickly got together to look at and alter various aspects of the design or manufacturing process as necessary.
Using Five Land bikes during production also provided Swarf Cycles with the added benefit to the customer of faster turnaround as they were able to work in parallel on current orders.

Previous year’s winners:

Bycyclogical and University of Strathclyde - Best Scottish Business Collaboration 2017

Flaer and Edinburgh Napier University – Best Scottish Business Collaboration 2016