Best Scottish MTB Event to Ride With Your Mates

Brand New Award - Best Scottish MTB  Event to Ride With Your Mates

We welcomed applications from anyone who has participated in an event that was just awesome to ride with mates.  We created this award as we wanted to celebrate those individuals and companies who have thought out of the box and put on an original event that is just awesome to ride with your mates.

We hope this award showcases the fun factor of mountain biking and celebrates events that you just have to ride with your mates.

We received so many nominations, and this was the shortlist for 2019

The winner of the award for this first year is THE F.N.Y COLLECTIVE EVENT

Fny Small

F.N.Y Collective Event 


Extracts from of some of the nominations we received for this event:-

  • This event is a woman only event to encourage more ladies to get out on those trails. Its grown loads since last year, a sure sign its getting its message across. I normally shy away from riding with new people as I am asthmatic and normally struggle on climbs but this truly opened my eyes that people don’t care and will wait. It gave me so much more confidence to join other ride outs where I wouldn’t necessary know anyone one and would have never dreamt of joining.
  • The Event helped with contributions to the Tweed Valley Trails Association and also to help out with women’s period poverty.
  • Aneela is an amazing lady and deserves recognition for what she does for the MTB community and especially for encouraging more girlsto get out there and give it ago, she’s certainly gave me the confidence to do so!!!
  • It really was about having a laugh, a load of women turned up at Glentress and we were split into groups and given clues to hunt stickers for prizes around Glentress and along the way for bonus points we had to get various photos for various challenges including chasing elves around GT for selfies! After the 'hunt' there was food and some awesome prizes for the winning team and the various other challenges that were set!
  • It pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of being put in a group of strangers and working together to get the answers to the clues, on bikes! It also made me realise that pretty much everyone was nervous before hand about not being fit enough or not good enough but after a while everyone chilled out and just had fun.
  • I now have a bigger range of people to ride with
  • Opportunity to ride and socialise with women from across the country
  • Positive connections and so many laughs
  • Supportive and relaxed environment
  • I really felt my confidence grow and grow as the day went on.  I was one of the few locals in my group and i felt that the group looked to me in certain instances and i felt confident enough to take the lead.
  • I haven't laughed that much on my bike - ever!

Glentress 7 - TweedLove


Extracts from of some of the nominations we received for this event:-

This event differs from other events as the duration of the event at seven hours, ability to ride in a number of formats, hence the wide range of riders There is also a great social vibe, exciting countdown and first class course. I feel that it promotes the benefits of teamwork, supporting each other riding for a team goal.

I love how the event provides a focus to improve each year and gives us a wee team competition for best lap times.

The excellent event village allows promotion of local businesses and usually we have great weather and dusty trails.

Great location for riding all kinds of tracks. Organisation is really great.

Fair City Enduro - Muckmedden

Fair City

Extracts from of some of the nominations we received for this event:-

The Fair City Enduro is the only Fancy dress EWS Qualifier in the world and its one of the most accessible in terms of location, and the technicality of the stages allows people to be introduced to the sport whilst still being competitive enough for leading riders. They also ran a special one day pre event session for female riders Muck Maidens, which I know helped several really get over the fear of a few stages and increased the number of female riders and made it an all-round better experience. I have since observed several people posting on social media that the FC was their first Enduro and they have since entered more events across Scotland in 2020!

It made a great difference, our ride was particularly challenging being in the tandem and the friendly atmosphere and great marshals who are all proper Muckers helped with confidence whilst riding the course and the event has encouraged me to enter some more next season! We arranged to ride the stages with a group of our friends, Included in the group were the Days’s fastest female, Jessie-May Morgan, and the winner of the Mens Masters Mike Clyne, and the TerraVenture tandem. Yet the group were able to race at their own individual speeds on the stages and regroup at the bottom and enjoy the transitions as a group. The event allowed for this by offering free starting wave pre booking.

I know that the event engaged heavily with local riders for trail maintenance before and after and also included local businesses such at the local cycle shop who were onsite, They also offered pre event coaching or familiarisation to the female riding community to help break down some stereotypical barriers and create an atmosphere which enabled more female riders to enjoy the day.

The hard graft and personal investment Aaron puts into these events to ensure everyone get maximum value and enjoyment is, I believe, unparalleled by an individual in the Scottish events scene.