‘Belles on Bikes’ leadership programme - Edinburgh

Bike Club is currently looking for women in Edinburgh to take part in a  ‘Belles on Bikes’ leadership programme - Edinburgh.

What is the Belles on Bikes Leadership programme?

The leadership course is designed to give women the skills knowledge and confidence to get more girls and young women out on their bikes. With support from Bike Club, we would like leaders to help organise and run a small event in your local area and set up your own cycling project (or help at an existing project) for women.

The leadership course will include:
• Cycling Scotland’s 4 day Cycle Trainer Course
• Maintenance training
• Sports Leaders UK qualification

Who is it for?

The leadership course is open to any women aged 16+. Pre-requisite’s for the course include – you currently enjoy cycling and are a fairly confident cyclist, have your own bike or access to one, would like to learn something new and pass on your passion for cycling.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Amy Hickman or call 07766 405 369