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We were a wee bit emotional and super chuffed when Muckmedden contacted us to let us know that the profits from their Muckmaiden event will be donated to our Trail Therapy programme.

Muckmaiden Coaching and Guiding days have helped boost confidence levels and forge many lasting friendships within the female riding community over the past few years. The vibe is super friendly and offers a great opportunity to meet new riding buddies and have a fun day on the trails in an encouraging female environment and perhaps set you up to enter the Fair City Enduro.

Events like these have been an awesome way to inspire more female riders to not only take part in races but encourage a real love of riding and have wide reaching impacts on self esteem and confidence. Clearly recognising the link between mountain biking and good mental health spurred Muckmaiden coaches Julz and Caroline to donate to the trail therapy project.

We will be releasing details in the next couple of months of how you too can get involved and help support this programme. The nature-based project helps support and consolidate the therapeutic techniques delivered by mental health professionals within formal and informal healthcare settings, to accelerate the recovery of people suffering from a period of mental ill health. 

Here is a bit of background to the event and some lovely quotes from those involved.

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Aaron Gray (Lord Muck) “We’ve held a Muckmaiden day ahead of each of each of our events since 2015. The original idea came from one of our regular entrants, Yvonne Hay, who loved our events and wanted to attract more female riders to show them some of the trails that would be used in the upcoming race and what they were missing.#

Yvonne did an amazing job of getting the whole Muckmaiden thing off the ground and led the charge for the first few years, before passing the mantle onto Evka Kupska a couple of years back.

Evka’s an absolute powerhouse and an inspiration to everyone who meets her, and did a brilliant job leading Muckmaiden for a couple of years and now I’m delighted to say that it’s Caroline Buchanan and Julz Anderson’s turn to take the reins.

This is especially cool as it was Muckmaiden that helped to get them hooked on Mountain Biking all those years ago. To think that they’re now inspiring a new batch of female riders is really special.

Muckmaiden has always been about getting women stoked on riding, and racing, bikes and showing them how much fun it can be, whilst being healthy for mind and body. Any profit goes directly to the leaders and Julz and Caroline have offered to donate their share to DMBinS Trail Therapy Project.

The cost to enter Muckmaiden is very low, so we’re only talking a few hundred quid, but I think the sentiment is priceless and every little helps.”

Caroline: “Back in October 2015…quite new to Mountain Biking, a friend told me about Muckmaiden in Perth as her son and husband were doing the Fair City Enduro. We decided to give it a go, quite terrified!!

By the end, we signed up to the race!! Muckmaiden day made me feel like I could conquer it all, was fun, tried some of the trails, encouraged each other and met a whole bunch of rad new women who now are some of my closest friends!!”

Julz that same year attended Forfar Muckmaiden to support her friend….

Julz: “2014 was my first Muckmedden race and that was Forfar when I badgered Aaron into having a female hardtail category seeing as he had female categories for everything else! Only female on a HT so needless to say I won! 2016 was my first and last FCE, the last Forfar Funduro and my first and last Falkirk as it was bloody cold! Podiums on all, which I still can’t get my head around!”

Caroline: “We have raced many Muckmedden events, stood on podium together with our other mincer Liz Law at Falkirk Funduro and ride out regularly in what can only be described as riding bikes, talking rubbish and having fun. Wouldn’t even have these friends if it weren’t for Muckmaiden. Since then we’ve attended many other female events with a similar ethos, like Air Maiden, Fox Hunt and Fny Hunt, making many like-minded riding buddies.

Julz and I are now qualified Level 2 MTB Leaders. Julz is a Breeze leader and I’m also a Level 2 MTB Coach. We Coach/Lead every week at Perth-based MTB Club Tay Titans.

This year, Julz and I will be leading our first Muckmaiden day and we couldn’t more excited!! We are all about fun, and confidence building. About women supporting other women and encouraging all to give stuff a go and feed off the energy of each other.”

For further information - https://www.muckmedden.co.uk/event/muckmaiden-perth/