Do The Ride Thing - Launched!

A group of novice mountain bikers inspired by the Olympics having been learning not only mountain biking skills but also how to be responsible users of the outdoors thanks to a fantastic computer game and guide; ‘Do The Ride Thing’, which was launched today at, sportscotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre, Glenmore Lodge near Aviemore.

‘Do The Ride Thing’ is both a computer game and a guide which aims to educate mountain bikers and cyclists on how best to take safe and responsible access in Scotland’s outdoors.

The game involves answering some route planning questions while following an animated mountain bike trail on a virtual mountain bike. Riders encounter a range of situations they are likely to face when they are mountain biking and the choices they make are used to reinforce safe and responsible mountain biking.

The full 'Do the Ride Thing' guide offers mountain bikers comprehensive advice and information to help equip them to enjoy the amazing network of paths and trails in a range of Scotland’s outdoors settings.

‘Do The Ride Thing’ is being championed by Shona Robison, Minister for Commonwealth Games & Sport, who said “Mountain biking is an extremely popular activity in Scotland with many more people enjoying our fantastic landscapes and countryside.

“It is important that those taking to their bikes in ever increasing numbers do so safely and responsibly. The game and associated guidance being launched today will be useful tools in helping achieve this and I would encourage everyone to make use of them both."

‘Do The Ride Thing’ has been created by the Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) project, which is based within Scottish Cycling, the national governing body for cycling in Scotland. The proiject aims to increase participation, encourage the growth of tourism and economic activity and develop the sport of mountain biking. The guide has been endorsed by the key biking organisations in Scotland including Scottish Cycling, CTC and MBLA.

Graeme McLean, DMBinS project manager, explains “Scotland has amazing off-road mountain biking trails for all abilities and our access legislation offers us a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the magnificent Scottish countryside. The guide and game will provide cyclists who are not as experienced with the knowledge and confidence to access paths and trails and in a safe and responsible manner. The guide will also help inform many expert mountain bikers who are used to purpose built mountain biking trail centres on how they can safely and responsibly explore the tremendous network of paths and track in the Scottish countryside.”

Al Gilmour, Senior Mountain Bike Instructor at Glenmore Lodge and a Mountain Bike Leader Association (MBLA) Tutor explains why responsible mountain biking in accordance with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code is to be encouraged. “Mountain bikers are often seen as the ‘new kids’ on the mountains and it is good we have a guide and game which clearly show how we need to be acting when out on the trails. It covers issues like caring for the environment, being aware of land managers’ needs and sharing the trail with other users in a way that bikers can relate to. I work with lots of novice bikers and this is the exact advice which inspires confidence in them to undertake rides by themselves.”

The game and guide can be found at