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From Rider to Leader: Women specific mountain bike progression (2 day) events.

These events have been developed as a joint initiative between Scottish Cycling, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland and Glenmore Lodge to support aspiring women as they transition from mountain bike rider to mountain bike leader. 

So if you are female and have long considered becoming a Mountain Bike Leader but are just not sure if you are skilled enough, not confident in trailside repairs, unsure about your navigational expertise or just a bit nervous about taking that next step and booking on a training course then this is your opportunity to find out more, realise your potential, chat with others who have done this and appreciate that you too can go from happy rider to confident leader!

Who is this for?

Aspiring female leaders as they transition from mountain bike rider to level 2 mountain bike leader (you do not need any previous mountain bike leaders qualifications as level 2 is the entry point for many).  You should be comfortable riding your mountain bike on natural and man-made trails in a variety of weather conditions. 

The minimum age to attend this event is 18 years old.

Dates and Location:

• 15th and 16th July 2021: Glenmore Lodge, near Aviemore (deadline for applications 1st July 2021

• 21st and 22nd August: Ayrshire (Craufurdland Estate, near Kilmarnock) (Ayrshire based riders only, deadline for applications 15th July 2021)

• 24th and 25th August: Glentress, near Peebles (deadline for applications 30th July 2021)

Is there a cost?

There is a tiny cost associated with the Ayrshire, Glentress and Glenmore Lodge events, absolutely no money is made from these but the small nominal charge goes straight back into Rider2Leader/women specific events.

Cost for Glenmore Lodge and Glentress is £25 for the 2 days.

Cost for Craufurdland Estate is £40 for two days

This cost of £40 for the Ayrshire event goes back to The Outdoor Partnership for Coach Education programmes. The course is only open to Ayrshire Cycling Club members, club members will require to join The Outdoor Partnership which is free. Information will be emailed out to candidates.

This course is partly supported by the Outdoor Partnership – many thanks indeed to you!

We do ask that you bring your own food and drink although there is a café at Glentress that Covid allowing, will be accessible to you. No accommodation is included.

Tea and coffee making facilities are available, we will provide teabags, milk and rather good coffee!

Weekend Content:

The events will kick off with an introduction to you as a rider and the transition to you as a leader.  Emma Holgate and Christine Fox will take you through a host of practical workshops lined up to cover some of those areas of the British Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader syllabus that our experience tells us are considered more challenging including:

1. Trailside Repairs – workshop – basic what to carry, where to learn, what’s required
2. Skills games & exercises plus personal riding techniques – skills area/grounds based
3. Route planning & Navigation – practical example plan day 2 ride out
4. Developing your leading – Vision, Challenge and Support

Please note, this weekend is all about increasing confidence and realising your potential to go forward to training and assessment, it does not cover the full syllabus. You will need to undergo training and assessment in the usual way to gain the Award but you will do it with a bucket load of confidence in your skillset.

A Brief Introduction to your British Cycling Mountain Bike Tutor – Emma Holgate

The satisfaction, pride and excitement I get from seeing others succeed with their own riding successes following on from coaching and leading is the reason I am a part of the MTB professional industry.  I am a full time mountain biker and skier. I work as a senior instructor at Glenmore Lodge National Outdoor Training Centre, in the Mountain Bike department. 

As a British Cycling tutor on the leadership training and assessment courses, a Velotech tutor on the mechanics courses, as a level 3 leader and level 2 coach on all the courses that are provided. From ‘Trail Plus’ to our ‘discover mountain biking’ along with the bike packing essentials and advanced courses.  

For me personally, mountain biking has so many aspects to the sport and my passions vary within, I love a session of steep and rooty then if its wet and slidy even better (I have lived in Fort William for 10 years), equally I also thrive on big adventure in the mountains.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form by the deadline, any questions do feel free to ping an e-mail christine.fox@scottishcycling.org.uk

Good luck and happy riding!