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Take Care of Your Trails is an annual campaign, that DMBinS started in Scotland, to encourage and promote volunteer based trail maintenance.  The campaign is now pan-European and events are held right across Europe. During one full month, the campaign will highlight all trail repair, clean-up and build efforts happening by large numbers of trail crews around Europe. The 2019 edition was the most successful campaign so far and we’re eager to set some new records in 2020. 

If you enjoy your local trails and want to make sure that they stay awesome, there really is no better way than to join in an organised dig.

REGISTRATION is now OPEN so join again or for the first time and start planning your TCOYT 2020 event now!

Come on Scottish trail crews, rally your troops, plan an event, get your flag on the map and lets do this.  National pride at stake as this year could be our year to be the Best MTB Community in Europe!

2019 EVENT

The 3rd pan-European Take Care of Your Trails campaign exceeded all expectations and showed the growing commitment of mountain bike volunteers across Europe to do trail work and preserve the outdoors.

Between the 6th of April and 5th of May 2019, local trail crews put 152 events on the map in 15 different countries. In total, 2517 volunteers spent more than 15,000 hours on maintenance work, removing litter, pruning, reconstruction of natural and heritage trails and/or making trails accessible for multiple user groups.

Every year there is a friendly competition between participating countries to become Best MTB community Europe, in 2019 the title was won by Denmark. Whether it was the IMBA Europe Summit that took place in Denmark and pushed the local crews to win the title on their own soil, or the succesful On Trail mapping project, fact is that Denmark mobilized the highest number of volunteers related to the size of its national MTB population. With 34 events and 622 volunteers, Denmark left other traditionally well-scoring countries like Slovenia (259), Scotland (203), France (493) , the Czech Republic (378) and Italy (244) behind.