The growth in cycling over the last few months has been astonishing and has been welcomed across the board and across all disciplines.

We have witnessed a huge surge in the number of people trying out mountain biking for the first time, coming back to the sport and just finding a love for it again. We all know the benefits that our sport has on our physical and mental well being and, especially during this time, we are glad that so many people are finding this our too.

The Team at DMBinS are lucky to live in some of Scotland’s best riding destinations – the Tweed Valley, Fort William/Lochaber and Aberdeenshire – we have all never seen the trails and destinations so busy and we know this has been replicated in other riding destinations.

This is pretty awesome for our sport and we welcome the prospects going forward, however, it does bring its own issues. 

It is our belief is that mountain bikers, in general, positively impact the areas we visit – helping to grow local communities and share our trails, paths and towns with other users and locals.

There are a few ways that our community can continue to be welcomed in our riding destinations by doing the following:

  • Park respectfully and with care – avoid overcrowded car parks and residential areas. If it means parking and riding a bit further when car parks are full, then that’s no big thing really.
  • Have a Plan B (& sometimes C) – Do your research in advance – look into what other trails, or routes, you could ride if your preferred location looks too busy. 
  • Spend your money in the community – Contribute to local communities through parking fees, grab coffee, cake, beer and food locally and, if any is available, stay overnight in local accommodation/campsites. 
  • Be Covid Aware – Communities are still nervous about the spread of the virus and infections affecting their friends and relatives, particularly, vulnerable groups, not to mention the possibility of localised lockdowns. Read our full guidance.
  • Litter – we like to think that no mountain bikers drop litter but there are signs that that isn’t the case. Don’t drop litter – you will not be respected by the MTB community or locals for doing so.