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Carron Valley Mountain Bike Trails

The natural beauty of the area, combined with panoramic views, offers “big country” biking in the heart of Scotland within easy reach of the major cities.

The 10.5km of trails includes a red trail and an orange-graded ‘freeride’ section. Linked trail sections provide the option of a short, fun route, or something longer and more challenging on singletrack and forest road.

The Trails

Pipe Dream
The Pipe Dream provides an ideal warm up before ascending to Eas Dubh. Moderate, swoopy singletrack breaks up the gentle climb with superb views across the valley from the viewpoint. The fast exit into the quarry through Stoney Broke sets you up for the climb up to Eas Dubh.

Eas Dubh
Eas Dubh (Ee-as Doo) - or “Black Waterfall” - will test the skills of an intermediate rider. Catch your breath at the top and admire the stunning views before descending the Kelpie Staircase – a steep stone-pitched section that’s not for the faint-hearted! Glimpse the waterfall on your left as you dance through the flowing bermed corners of the Birling Bogills and fire round to the start of the Cannonball Run.

The Cannonball Run
Shoot down the fast-flowing, swoopy singletrack of the Cannonball Run: enter The Breech, then the Full Bore section, and keep your sights on the exit as you gun it round Recoil – a huge, bermed corner that is guaranteed to raise smiles all round! After the Recoil, bear right onto the forest road and follow it to the top of the The Runway.

The Runway
When it’s time to land, head for The Runway. This is an orange-graded feature packed, fast-flowing freeride-style descent, designed so beginners can roll the jumps and experienced riders can take off!

Experience Turbulence as you drop in, feel the speed through the Corkscrew and explode out of The Bombhole before lining up for the Final Approach.

Littered with berms, jumps, stone drop-off and tabletops, the Fun Park's guaranteed to satisfy those who prefer airtime! If it is your first time, please look at the features before riding them.
Please note: this is a quiet forest, but is sometimes busy with timber traffic. Ride expecting to meet other forest users and be prepared to meet and greet along the way.


Summer opening hours are 7.30am - 9.00pm. There is a designated disabled car parking space beside the toilet block. Further information is provided on the information board in the car park.

Public lavatories onsite (male/female/disabled).

Cafes / food & drink
Local services and shops are available in Denny, 7 miles from the trails along the B818, or in Kilsyth, also around 7 miles from the trails over the 'Tak ma doon' road which runs between Carron Bridge and Kilsyth.

Carron Valley Mountain Bike Trails